Idessity represents the next species towards which humanity is presently evolving. It will manifest when the government of intelligence will be replaced by the individual sovereignty of the soul. Idessity workshops refer to Applied Idessic Consciousness (AIC), such as Personocratia applies in all her daily activities.

Idessity refers to Applied Idessic Consciousness in daily life. This is what is taught in all of Personocratia’s activities.

APPLIED means that I can think, talk and act
as an idessic being in all aspects of daily living.
Without this step, my life becomes sterile and I die.
It is this permeation of Spirit into Matter
which allows the evolution of consciousness
and leads to physical immortality.

IDESSIC means the supreme authority, sovereignty.
Creative idessity is inherent to all forms.
I am not a divine spark or a member of the divine,
but a combination of all three elements of Idessic Trinity:
The Creatrix, the Creature and the Unlimited

CONSCIOUSNESS means our state of being awakened to reality.
Which reality? The reality of who I really am, my Being.
Who am I? The one and only creative spirit of the whole universe.

Idessic Consciousness is Applied in all aspects of daily life.

Here is a description of the themes of application:
  1. Evolution: Surviving or Living ? A Decision to Make.
  2. Authority: the Priority of the Feminine Principle
  3. Religion / Spirituality / Idessity
  4. Law : Justice / Justness
  5. Politics : From Democracy to Personocracy
  6. Money : Economy / Finance / Industry / Commerce
  7. Unlimited Health / Eternal Youth / Physical Immortality
  8. Education / Communication / Media / Culture
  9. Family / Couples / Children
  10. Society : Paradise-on-Earth, Here and Now

To find out the contents of these 10 themes, click here . (PDF format)

If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it free by clicking here .

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« The Big Picture » as Our Basic Tool

This is the basic tool for all our teachings.
It is a roadmap to understand where I come from, where I am now and where I am going.
It allows me to identify my level of consciousness in all circumstances.
It is used to transform my illusory unconsciousness into full consciousness of reality.

The Big Picture

Read the lines horizontally, from left to right and top to bottom.

- Line 1 : Four animals, one per level of consciousness
The sheep is unconsious of reality. The white sheep more so than the black.
He lives in the illusion of being a sheep. He has forgotten who he really is.
The mare is conscious of reality. She remembers who she really is.
The sovereign mare is newly reborn; the winged mare has fully integrated her idessity.

- Line 2 : Each animal thinks / talks / acts according to its level of consciousness
Sometimes inactive or reactive, the sheep survives for a while… and finally dies.
Sometimes active or creative, the mare lives… boundless and limitless.

- Lines 3 and 4 : The relation with authority varies with each animal
The sheep is unconscious of his internal idessity.
Supreme authority is external. The sheep is the creature of an external creator.
He believes in a superior/inferior hierarchy. Sheep are created unequal.
He needs a herd to feel secure and a shepherd for protection.
Sometimes submissive, sometimes rebellious, the sheep obeys the orders of external authorities.
The mare is conscious of her internal idessity.
Supreme authority resides inside of her. She is both the Creatrix and the Creature.
She believes in equality (Being) and equity (Having) of all individuals.
She doesn’t belong to any herd. She is a loner (ONE).
She’s her own sovereign and acts according to her own conscience.
She’s idessic, she’s ALL. She shows solidarity with the universe.

-Line 5 : Scared to death or living on love?
The sheep is scared. He becomes the slave of his superiors. He obeys all their laws.
When he’s obedient, he gets carrots. When he’s disobedient, he gets struck with a stick.
The mare loves herself. She is free and obeys her conscience only.
She lights up with love and shines on all others. Love is contagious.

The crux lies in our decision to die to our role of sheep and to be born as a mare.

-Lines 6 and 7 : Powerless victim or all-powerfull creatrix?
The sheep is unconscious of his idessic nature and lives in powerlessness.
He believes that the victim, the saviour and the culprit are three different persons.
He plays his role amidst suffering. He is trapped in survival and tragedy.
The mare is conscious of her idessic nature and lives an all-powerful life.
She knows she’s at once the creatrix, responsible and guarantor for all events of her life.
She lives joyfully amongst her creations. She laughs at the comedy that life really is.

-Line 8 : Waging war or living in peace?
The sheep is at war. He fights constantly, sometimes attacking, sometimes defending himself.
The more he fights, the more violence he generates, the more he fights. Disorder increases.
The mare lives in peace internally and externally.
Her Being and her Having are in harmony. She restores idessic order.
She broadcasts the love within her and brings peace to the world.

-Line 9 : All is vibration whose level depends on the level of consciousness
The sheep vibrates with the frequency of matter. He is in disharmony with his own idessity.
The mare vibrates with the frequency of spirit. She is in harmony with her own idessity.
Inside of her, spirit merges with matter. She can walk or fly at will.

The Big Picture is found in the book «What the Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway?» by Ghis.

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Teachers pass on their knowledge, their consciousness and their experience of AIC (Applied Idessic Consciousness) as it was first conceived and applied by Ghis. These teachers are chosen by themselves and the whole group, by unanimous consensus, during their «Annual Rendezvous». Workshops, seminars and courses are offered by the AIC teachers found on this site, either alone or in co-animation.

Four types of seminars, workshops and courses are offered by teachers, either alone or as co-leaders :

«Discovering The Big Picture » 3 hours
• • «Understanding The Big Picture » 2 days
• • • «Integrating The Big Picture » 5 days
• • • • «Living The Big Picture » - A.D.C. Course 10 days

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Teachers for 2015

You can contact the teachers directly to organize lectures or workshops in your own area. Here is their contact information :

Tél. : (1) 450-297-3930
Fax : (1) 450-297-0233
E-mail :
Lectures and 10 day workshops (English and French)
E-mail  :
Lectures and 3h., 2 day and 5 day workshops (English and French)

P.S. For a full list of French-speaking teachers, in Canada and Europe, please refer to the French section of this site.

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Choice of Activities

How can you choose a workshop or seminar?
Listen to your soul and your conscience will answer!

Personocratia offers a variety of activities such as lectures, workshops, seminars and courses. The main reference tool for all of these is “The Big Picture” of the evolution of human consciousness. The main purpose of all activities is to teach Idessity.

These various activities have one goal in mind : the accomplishment of the idessic being that I truly am. They consist of three successive steps:

  • Becoming conscious that I am locked in the prison of survival;
  • Deciding to leave this prison and to live at all cost;
  • Learning to think, talk and act as an idessic being in all that I do.

These activities last from 3 hours to 10 days. Participants will choose an activity according to their availability, their own needs, and the evolution of their consciousness among the following:

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Discovering « The Big Picture » in 3 hours

This is a lecture with a question period. Its purpose is to answer questions such as “Who am I?”, “Why did I incarnate?” or “Where is humanity going?” and “What will happen to our children?”

We examine the evolution of humanity since the end of Adam and Eve’s terrestrial paradise until the present times. We discover about human duality, division, suffering and death. During the conference, we are invited to discover unity, peace, joy and immortality. We have created Hell-on-Earth. We can choose to make a STOP + 180° turn, and create Heaven-on-Earth.
Do you want to go beyond appearances, beyond the visible world ? Do you want to understand what has been hidden behind veils all this time?

This conference will show you this and much more. All sexes, ages, races, belief systems, religions, traditions or states of health are welcome. There is only one basic condition : an open mind.

For the contents of the 3 hour lecture, click here . (PDF format)

If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it free by clicking here .

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Understanding « The Big Picture » in 2 days

An interactive workshop where I can go deeper in my awareness of who I really am. The consequences of the unconscious behaviour of modern humans are examined. I can discover how things can be different when I become conscious of my true idessic nature.

Take as an example our feeling of powerlessness as we see Wal-Mart, the giant of super-stores, and its aim at establishing a world-wide monopoly for retail marketing. Its power is illusory since it will have to close its doors as soon as clients start buying locally. So, where is the real power?

This workshop is aimed at those who have heard about or read about The Big Picture and want to know more.

For the contents of the 2-day workshop, click here . (PDF format)

If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it free by clicking here .

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Integrating «The Big Picture» in 5 days

An interactive workshop with an emphasis on the heart of The Big Picture : my decision to live at all cost. Each of the main themes is examined in detail and concrete examples are presented.

What do I learn as a participant?
I find out how to get out of my animality in order to jump into idessic consciousness in my daily life.  I get to understand the four different levels of human conciousness: white sheep, black sheep, sovereign mare, winged mare. I discover the inner works of all the main aspects of external authority (law, justice, politics, religion, spirituality, education, media, money, industry, commerce, family, health, society). I learn how to act consciously, as an idessic being, in each of these areas. Finally, I get to understand the importance of giving top priority to the Feminine Principle at all times.

What will I bring back home with me?
I will have a number of tools I can use to behave as an idessic being in my daily life, in all the areas mentioned above. My whole life will transform itself, as I learn, little by little, to act differently with family, friends, bosses, doctors, government officials, educators, credit cards, banks, career choices, etc… I will practice heart-to-heart communication during the entire workshop and will go back home with great new relational tools I will know how to use.

         This workshop is aimed at those who have decided to get out of the illusion and are ready to jump into the unknown. It is also a pre-requisite for   more advanced seminars such as: “True Assumption, With Both Feet On The Ground”.

For the contents of the 5-day workshop, click here . (PDF format)

If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it free by clicking here .

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Living « The Big Picture » in 10 days
The AIC Course

The full course on how to Apply Idessic Consciousness on a daily basis.

It lasts 10 days and can be offered in three different packages:

- 4 weekends, starting on Friday night and ending on Sunday night, or
- 2 separate 5-day blocks, or
- 1 block for 10 days straight.

This course is offered by Ghis only, at the moment.

Its fundamental purpose is the transformation of animal consciousness, in which I presently reside, into idessic consciousness, towards which I am presently evolving. This course will help me deprogram (and not decode) my cells from their old habits based on survival, so that they can free the idessic LIFE imprisoned inside them.

A crucial aspect of this course is its emphasis on practical applications.
The process of cellular transformation happens during everyday experiences in the following areas:

AUTHORITY (order, law, religion, politics),
FAMILY (couple, children, education, communication, media, culture, society),
MONEY (economy / finance, industry / commerce),
HEALTH (… and physical immortality).

For the contents of the 10-day course, click here. (PDF format)

If you do not have Adobe Reader, download it free by clicking here .

As a participant, this interactive course will definitively transform me. I will be really different when I finish it. I will not be able to go back to my old reality. All 10 themes will be examined in depth in order to resolve all the obstacles slowing down the evolution of my consciousness.
For concrete problems, concrete solutions will be offered. I will become fully aware that the present state of Hell-on-Earth in which I live is an absolute necessity, in order to force me into wanting to recreate Paradise-on-Earth. I will reach states of peace, serenity and joy and will learn to use tools in order to come back to these states in all situations. The length of the course allows for a fast integration of idessic consciousness and the decision-making process needed to power its manifestation.

         It is a course for those who know nothing and wish to make a huge jump in their consciousness. It is also for those who know everything and are still searching for the key to idessity. An excellent prevention tool for those with suicidal tendencies…

For the contents of each of the four sessions, click the following links: authority, family, money, health. (PDF format)

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Calendar of Activities

Pour la liste des activités en langue française, cliquez ici.

Country / City



Title / Theme(s) / Description

Detailed Information

Contact Person

CANADA, Quebec, Eastern Townships December 28, 2015 to January 6, 2016 Ghis 10-Day Workshop on IDESSITY in Everyday Life. How to actively tear down my age-old prison and liberate the idessic being hiding within. In this interactive workshop, you will learn how to take concrete actions in the following areas: Evolution, Authority, Religion, Politics, Law, Money, Health, Education, Family, Society.
download INFORMATION and Registration:
Phone: 1-450-297-3930

Personocatia can offer you several tools to support the integration of Applied Idessic Consciousness. Click here to access some of the most crucial ones.

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