La Banque à Trois Cœurs

The Bank of Three Hearts


Why am I poorer and poorer while bankers get richer and richer? Because of my acceptance of slavery. I have agreed to become the bankers’ slave. Throughout my whole life, I work for them by the sweat of my brow to pay interest and repay the capital. This capital comes from false loans they have offered me. I am an accomplice to my own enslavement. Why do I treat myself this way?

• I am ignorant! I believe these bankers let me use money that was placed in their care. Wrong assumption! 
Bankers loan 10 to 40 times more money – and sometimes much more – than what they have in their vaults. They actually create money out of thin air – mere words on paper. They loan air, out of which they charge interest and they want to be reimbursed in real money.

• I accept the unacceptable! I pay interest on borrowed money and I collect interest on loaned or invested money. Money should be used to create more money. Wrong assumption! Interest on money is called usury. It makes rich people richer and poor people poorer. It is the #1 tool to increase poverty and social inequity. Money is a bartering tool, not merchandise offered for speculation.

• I am afraid of others! I prefer the certain abuse from bankers to the risk of being abused by friends or neighbours. Wrong assumption! 
I can make honest dealings with the people around me at no risks.

• I do not love myself! I prefer to leave my possessions in the hands of established reputable institutions that know better than I do. Wrong assumption! The goal of banks is to increase the profits of bankers. I can trust myself and act on my own.

• I forget who I really am! I think that I am a powerless creature. Wrong assumption! I am Idessa (internal idessity), unlimited Creatrix of my own abundance.

I remember who I am and I create the Bank of Three Hearts.


The Bank of Three Hearts 
is a real, local, human bank, based on love-of-self. It is based on the principle of circulation of money (not accumulation of money). It is local and made between people who already know each other and who share similar values. It requires the following qualities: complicity, transparency, truthfulness, trust, responsibility and enthusiasm. It recognizes the law of individual consciousness, and does not seek legal redress as a solution.


It is made up of three people, the Lender, the Borrower and the Heart Banker, who meet to arrange an exchange of money for a loan.

The Lender realizes that money is an exchange tool and not merchandise used for speculation. She lends money without interest or invests money in a business based on local needs and not profits.

The Borrower realizes that she uses money that is circulating to facilitate exchange. She works hard to make it come back rapidly to the bank so that it can be used by others. She must then intend to reimburse the loan quickly.

The Heart Banker is the keeper of all transactional information:
• Names and amounts of money available by lenders;
• Names and amounts of money needed by borrowers.

Her first role consists of facilitating the meetings and exchanges between lenders and borrowers. In her second role, she becomes the witness of all transactions (first and follow-ups) until the end. She needs to be well versed in business, to have a good business sense, to be creative and intuitive, and to be able to communicate heart-to-heart.

The time taken by the Lender and Banker needs to be reimbursed by the borrower. The arrangements for payment of these fees are determined by all three people and can be done with the use of goods and/or services.

Collateral (objects of recognized value) can be kept by the Banker to be used in case of missed payments. The three people decide this together.

If the Lender considers that the risk is too high, she can choose to refuse the loan or consider the possibility of making a gift (no expected reimbursement).


To download the agreement and follow-up PDF documents:

•  Agreement

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•  Follow-Up

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