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April 2005

Pope John-Paul ll is Dead

Pope John-Paul ll is Dead

After a 26 year reign, the Pope is mourned around the world: “He has gone to rejoin his Father”. Political speeches and moving testimonies were the order of the day. The sorrow is real, “We feel an emptiness, John-Paul ll was an important presence in our life.” Who was Karol Wojtyla, the 262nd Pope of the Catholic Church?

An Innovator

The first non-Italian Pope in 456 years, the first Pole, he brought a new perspective. He visited 125 countries. He was approachable, he let himself be touched. He embraced children and loved the young. A charismatic orator, he attracted huge crowds: 800,000 in Toronto, 4,000,000 in Manila. He had universal appeal. He promoted respect for individuals and the evolution of human rights. He defended peace and liberty. He brought together people and religions. He blessed humanity in the name of God. He maintained good diplomatic relations with all world leaders. He was the most mediatised man on the planet.

And, at the same time, he was “a man of paradox”.

A Conservator

Under his reign, the Roman Curia became stronger. He did not tolerate any dissidence within the Church. He did not listen and rejected debate. He was inflexible. He said no to modernization: birth control, access of women to the priesthood, marriage of priests (despite 10,000 sexual abuse law suits against the American chapter of the Church), no to divorce and homosexuality.

It is also important to remember that he succeeded John-Paul l, who, according to David Yallup, in his book entitled “In the Name of God”, was assassinated after 33 days as Pope for wanting to make amends for his Church and certain of its dignitaries. To this day, the Vatican continues to claim he died of natural causes, the time of death and the cause remain mysteries… the sudden disappearance of the “smiling Pope”, a man 65 years old and in good health. None of the changes envisioned by John-Paul l were adopted following his death. John-Paul ll allowed the situation to continue to corrupt the Church :
•    The Vatican Enterprises S.A. (Vatican Bank) headed by Cardinal Paul Marcinkus was allowed to remain intact.
•    Cardinal John Cody of Chicago retained his post despite thousands of signed petitions demanding his resignation.
•    The Vatican Free Masons (with its famous Masonic lodge P2) can again breathe easy. The new Canon Law which became effective on November 27, 1983, set aside the edict whereby Free Masons were automatically excommunicated.
And where did John-Paul ll stand when on one hand he denounced capitalism and exploitation of poor countries while on the other he gave his benediction to the New World Order of Big Money by making the following statement, “We always feel the need for a New International Order based on the experience and results obtained over the years by the United Nations.” (January 1, 2004)

Paradox or unconsciousness?


Neither. John-Paul ll knew his role as Pope and played it to perfection. The Pope is the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church with its 1.1 billion souls. He is also the secular head of the Vatican State, the same as the Queen of England and the President of the United States.

All three are puppets whose strings are pulled by invisible hands. All three have the same role, that of the good pastor. This role entails shearing the sheep until there is no wool left and then leading them to slaughter, all the while making them believe it is for their own good.

The puppet’s role is clear, tow the line and you keep your job as long as you do… that was the case of John-Paul ll. Or, you worry about the sheep, look out for their welfare and you’re “fired”… that was the case of John-Paul l.

Karol Wojtyla learned the rules of the game at an early age. It accounted for his rapid rise as a young priest up the rungs of the ecclesiastic ladder of the Church. He was named cardinal at 47 and elected Pope at 58 so that he could rule a long time. This way the Roman Curia could manage without any constraints as would have been the case with John-Paul l who believed in a Church devoted to its faithful and, in particular, to the poor.

The apparent paradox of John-Paul ll lies in how he did his job as Pope:
•    attract the greatest number of faithful by mollifying them with visits to their countries and by seducing them with charismatic speeches;
•    promote the belief among the faithful that they are powerless, poor creatures separated from an external god creator;
•    ensure the submission and blind obedience of the faithful to the Church’s representatives on Earth by telling them they will not attain paradise if they fail to tow the line;
•    guarantee the hegemony of the Church over the souls of more than one billion people on the planet.
Mission accomplished!

Who are the puppeteers? The bosses of the world, Big Money. They conceive The Plan and ensure their dictatorship of the world, the New World Order. They confide the business of the body to the politicians and the business of the souls to the religions. This is how political and ecclesiastical leaders work hand in hand to attain the same goal, the domination and exploitation of the entire population.

To meet this goal, both pretend to be God’s representatives on Earth as well as the ones to transmit His will. They write the laws which order the sheep to let themselves be fleeced or else… they will be beaten or worse still, they will suffer in Hell for all Eternity.

That’s been the case for thousands of years. And it will continue as long as we take ourselves for sheep, poor creations of an external father creator, the same one John-Paul ll has gone to rejoin.

The eye which sees all, the eye of God which knows all and watches over all of the creatures of the truncated pyramid…
It is the separation between the creator spirit (God) and created matter (human being) that is at the root of the division of the individual which in turn allows the NEW WORLD ORDER to find a foothold… the world dictatorship of BIG MONEY.