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War on Cancer, a Bringer of Life …or Death?

War on Cancer, a Bringer of Life …or Death?

Fundraising events are multiplying to help fight the “war against cancer”. You certainly remember the obtrusive PINK RIBON campaign, which promised to bring us a life without breast cancer… as long as we made donations. Hospitals organize “marathons”, while other associations choose to steal what is left in the pockets of refractory donors through “mega-lotteries”. And we call this philanthropy! They use psychological weapons developed by “social marketing”, a discipline which is part of university curricula, whose purpose is to study the efficient collection of funds. They specialize in the art of extracting money “where it exists, first in the pockets of the richest, but alsothose of small taxpayers, which are still far from the saturation point.” (Le Devoir, August 26, 2007). The article from which this citation is extracted left a few questions unanswered, which we now wish to address.

Rich people do, because they have a financial interest in cancer, particularly companies selling detection and treatment apparatuRubanRoseDepliant150s or pharmaceuticals. Large number of patients, along with widely available and early screening, will automatically bring higher profits, which is the sole purpose of a corporation. A profitable investment indeed! But why squeeze even more out of poor taxpayers, who have already contributed to income tax, health insurance, prescription drug insurance, pension funds, other taxes, etc? Simply because there is still some juice left in the lemon! How can we squeeze out the last few drops? By bringing in FEAR! With the help of well manipulated statistics, we inject in people, drop by drop, the fear of cancer and its ensuing death. It is an efficient tactic which works every time. Good job!

Hospitals, foundations and organisations receive all the collected funds. These are corporations which are recognized by governmental authorities and who respect its official laws. But who are these laws serving? BIG MONEY! Multinational corporations totally control governments whose leaders obey like compliant puppets. Officially, we claim that these funds are used for improving the population’s health, through research and other means. But what kind of research? What profits industry, of course! Corporations give generously to help finance research on one side and get their own donations back later on, plus those from governments and charities, which are funded by taxpayers. Conglomerates are the big winners! And who is the looser? The taxpayer, as usual. Great tactic again! Good job!

We have been at war with cancer for more than 50 years. Not only has this war not been won yet, but it is getting deadlier than ever. Ten years ago, it was predicted that one woman out of four (25%) would eventually die from cancer. Nowadays, we are told that the enemy has doubled its toll of victims: one woman out of two (50%). Let’s not even mention the huge sums invested, the physical and psychological suffering, the forced mutilations… The results are devastating! And we are asked to invest even more money? Common sense would dictate another avenue. Let’s STOP the war on cancer and get a fresh start. What is cancer? Is it really an enemy? If so, how does it really work? If this war has been a total failure, couldn’t we consider peace as a viable alternative?

Doctor Hamer, a german physician, asked himself these same questions and conducted extensive research for several years on illness in general, and cancer in particular. These lead him to create a new approach which he called GERMAN NEW MEDICINE, where he views all illnesses as psychosomatic. He discovered that each disease is caused by an unpredicted and severe emotional shock, which is lived in isolation and appears to be without solution. According to Hamer, illness is the brain’s most perfect answer to avoid death and allow the person to survive until she can solve the internal conflict awakened by the sudden shock. Thus, cancer is not an enemy but an ally! The war is finally over!!! After thousands of successfully treated patients, Hamer is adamant: “We do not die of cancer, we die of fear and exhaustion.” Cancer is not a deadly disease! When the internal conflict is solved, the illness disappears. Quite an extraordinary discovery! And how do authorities treat such a precious innovation? They throw its author, Dr. Hamer, in jail.


It is obvious that the authorities do not wish to serve the interest of taxpayers (public), but that of corporations (private). This is quite normal in the world of illusion in which we live and where the LMTD program rules: Lie, Manipulation, Treachery and Deceit. Governmental authorities do not event hide these facts. The French word for government is “gouvernement” which sounds the same as “gouverne et ment”, and stands for “govern and lie” in English. Quite a truthful pun! We know that politicians are liars by profession. Yet, we continue to entrust them with our money, our health, our education, our family, our savings and our own destiny… As long as we remain sheep, we will be sheared by the shepherd and brought to the slaughterhouse. It is the basic function of a sheep. UNLESS…

The sheep realises who she really is… an unlimited Creatrix, not a poor creature totally under the control of an external Creator (parents, God, genes, heredity, fatality, accident, Mother Nature…) The individual is not a sheep but a sovereign person, the supreme authority. She creates her own disease. Thus, she is the only one who can heal herself. She is infinite love and her illness is a blessing. She can choose to welcome its presence and to thank her body. She is truly immortal (conscious of non-death); she is not scared of disease nor death. This is Reality, this is Truth. The nightmare of primitive times is finally over!

Keep your money and use it to honour yourself as the truly unlimited being you really are!

Polytechnic, Dawson, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Etc…

Polytechnic, Dawson, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Etc…

On April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech University experienced the worst ever massacre in any educational establishment, with a record of 33 deaths. There was horror and blood everywhere; people were even jumping from windows. A truly devastating event! This was the 25th such event in American schools. Strangely, the list of mass murders in Canadian and American schools is forever getting longer and bloodier. «When and where will the next one be?» is the question on everyone’s mind nowadays. These events intensify FEAR, along with governmental pressure to control weapons. There are even attempts to detect psychopaths before they commit their crime!

The scenario is almost identical in all cases and keeps repeating itself endlessly: innocent victims are brutally massacred by an armed and crazed killer. Each time, the event shocks, saddens and brings anxiety and fear in all minds. We are faced with a sense of powerlessness in front of such uncontrollable episodes. How can we prevent such horror? Well, we can start by being more suspicious of the official version of facts, as it is presented by the media (owned by Big Money) and governmental authorities. Let’s start asking some real questions…

If so, what is this agenda? Where does it come from? Where does it lead us?

Events of this kind did not even exist before 1989, except for one isolated case in Texas in 1966. They started in ‘89 with the Polytechnic School in Montreal, where 14 female students were killed. They have never ceased since, always bringing about the exact same scenario caused by a crazed and armed killer. What is going on? What is new since ‘89 that requires this specific type of circumstances? Where do these killers come from? Why do they all seem to commit their murders in the same way? And why kill all these people without an apparent motive? These murders are not even passionate! Crazy people don’t usually go around killing others like that! It is now recognized that the use of anti-depressants brings about aggressiveness and suicidal tendencies, but it does not encourage its users to commit mass murder on strangers.  What «disease» causes these young people to do such a barbaric and incomprehensible act? And always in schools!

Obviously, there is a planned agenda behind these events. Who would be able to arrange for identical murders using different people? Who has this type of power? We now know that the technology behind mind control is advanced enough for the «handler», the person in control, to force certain specific actions in a «human robot», carrying an «implant» inside his body. This technology was first developed in Nazi concentration camps during WWII. After the war, this practice and its specialists were imported in USA and techniques were refined by the CIA. Experiments were done on military personnel, prisoners, patients in psychiatric wards, orphanages and boarding schools during the 50s and 60s. These are still going on today but with more discretion. The Duplessis children in Quebec were used extensively for these experiments. Once the mind control program is in place, these people can then be forced to do many acts without their consent or their knowledge. If this is the case here, the question remains: who is ordering for the killings to happen?


Well, surely not the killers! In general, they commit suicide after their «job» is done. Rarely, they get killed by the police or end up in prison forever. The victims do not benefit from this and neither do their families. The schools, colleges and universities do not gain in popularity. So, the question remains… who benefits?

Consult popular newspapers or listen to the news and the answer becomes obvious. They talk about the dangers of selling or carrying weapons. Their conclusions are totally unanimous. We need a LAW to control weapons in the population. Strangely, people always owned weapons before school killings started and never thought about using them in such a way before. Why did some individuals suddenly decide to start this strange practice? Could there be a link between the instigators of these events and those who want to disarm the population? Who would benefit from such a law? If there is an armed conflict and the population is disarmed, who would be left with the weapons and the ensuing control? Where would the conflict come from? Could it be from those who still have weapons???

One thing is obvious…. Even when the population is angry, rebellions without weapons are impossible. If such a law is passed, only policemen and army personnel would be armed. Conveniently, these are under direct orders from official authorities. Would it be possible for these same authorities to organize mass murders in schools so they can impose a coercive law to disarm the population?

Such a law is already in place in Canada. All it took was the Polytechnic School massacre in ’89 and five years of promotion in the media, along with an extra 4 deaths at Concordia University a while later. The official promotion was done across Canada by the very mothers of the 14 girls who died in the first killing. How could we resist such messengers? However, we quickly found out that organizing weapons control is very expensive. Considerable sums were invested, but since this was not enough, new money needed to be diverted for the project. Who would vote for an unpopular law with even more unpopular costs? Funds were blocked and the whole project came to a standstill. Luckily for its supporters, another killing in Sept./06 at Dawson College saved the day! During the last Quebec elections in March/07, the newly elected Prime Minister pledged to make this law his first priority. How generous!

In the USA, the resistance to such a law is much more important than in Canada. Carrying weapons is allowed by the American Constitution and people hold on to it dearly. The National Riffle Association is rich and powerful. They will surely need many more massacres, and bloodier ones, until people finally come down on their knees, begging their government to change the law.


These repetitive killings are obviously programmed and their sole purpose is to disarm the population. We can recognize the old threefold formula which has been in use for millennia: PROBLEM – ACTION – SOLUTION, which is well explained by David Icke. To push an unpopular decision, a dramatic problem is created. The media (owned by Big Money) start acting right away, covering the event extensively and suggesting the perfect solution. People demand governmental action based on what they heard or saw in the media. The solution asked for is put in place, just as planned. And it works every time!

It’s the same old human drama, caught in a triangular prison with its three main actors in each corner: the powerless victim (SHEEP), the nasty aggressor (WOLF) and the generous saviour (SHEPHERD). It is now easy to understand that the shepherd only needs to scare the sheep by offering a few sacrificial lambs to the nasty wolf. The sheep quickly run back to the sheepfold and follow the newly imposed law… for their protection. Voilà! The recipe has worked for thousands of years and is still as efficient as ever because the sheep cannot imagine that their Good Shepherd (authorities) would organize such horrific events to get what they want. They are not conscious enough to understand. They still think the word «public» means «good for the people»! Yes, mass shootings will continue as long as the arms control act is not passed. UNLESS…


I am not a sheep! Wrong ID! I had forgotten who I really am! There are no sheep, no shepherd, no law… no killing. This changes the whole story! Who am I, then? I’m a winged mare, an all-powerful and unlimited creatrix. I am not a poor creature who is separated from its external creator. I am both the creatrix and the creature and I am responsible for all that happens in my life. Therefore, I am both the killer and his victims, and NOT the powerless spectator of a human tragedy.

In this perspective, the shootings have a meaning. Their aim is to shake me, wake me up from my long and unconsciousness sleep. As long as I survived in a barely comfortable state of victimhood, I didn’t ask any questions. As a biological robot, I kept following the same old W.S.A.D. program – Work, Suffer, Age and Die – as I went on with my insignificant little life in a purposeless void. Luckily, my soul intervened and showed me on a big screen what a human robot was able to do and where my role as a poor sheep really led to.

These shootings are a gift I am offering myself and I thank the actors involved in this event with all my heart. The drama, the roles of victims and those of culprits are finished for good. I now see the killer and the killed as souls who have wilfully chosen to play this role of «consciousness awakeners». School shootings are an evolutionary necessity and with this in mind, I see them as a blessing!