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The Road to Freedom

The Road to Freedom

A Reflection on Attachment

I am an almighty and unlimited ship called LOVE. My thirst for freedom entices me to sail towards the infinite. “Cast off the moorings!” I scream. But nothing moves. Despite all efforts, I cannot manage to leave port. What is going on? That is when I discover that hundreds of lines are holding me back to the dock. And I believed that I was free!

These mooring lines are entitled: family, parents, children, names, coats of arms, signet rings, ancestors, patrimony, jewels, paintings, pictures, traditions, culture, roles, profession, diplomas, reputation, titles, ambitions, dreams, desires, country, homeland, royalty, religion, spirituality, order, party, organisation, friends, animals, beliefs, values, thoughts, ideas, science, laws, army, rights, privileges, acquisitions, land, house, place, possessions, income, savings, salary, physical appearance, clothes, beauty, youth, health. The list is endless. Am I doomed to remain tied up at port, bored to death and forever unable to fulfill my dream?

Strangely, what is holding me back represents people and things that I like. They should never hinder my freedom, but help it along. As I look more closely, I realise that each of these attachments fills one of my animal needs and brings me pleasure. Let us take an example – the love of my children. In reality, I do not love them, but I like the satisfaction they bring me when I open my heart. Their presence pleases my emotional body. What stops me from moving forward is my fear of losing this emotional pleasure that I call ‘happiness’. The truth is that I am the prisoner of my needs and of the people or things that satisfy them.

As I become aware of this, I take the decision to untie these mooring lines, one at a time. As long as I was held back in every direction, I risked nothing. I was safe and did not fear the storm. But as soon as I untie a few lines, I fall prey to fickle winds and I am tossed around by waves. The experience scares me. I could tie everything back and recover my former comfort. But I would need to give up freedom and accept to rot on the spot. “No! That is not possible!” screams my soul. I feel that I have lost all control, all bearings. I am left to myself, in an unbearable state of fragility.

The more mooring lines I cut off, the more terrifying the experience gets. Often, I want to stop everything, but I cannot go back. I aspire to freedom; it has become my raison d’être. So, I continue the process with determination and courage. Finally, I reach the thickest line called “I would rather die than…”. I am now facing the wall of death. Who is going to die – death or me? If I release this line, I die TO fear. If it remains tied, I die FROM fear. What a dilemma! What should I do?

I finally remember who I am and what I have come to do on this planet. I become conscious of the fact that seven billions LOVE ships have incarnated at this time to make the gigantic jump toward the new species. Some ships are tied in Asia, South America, Africa… and their moorings lines are torn away violently without warning. Others are locked in refugee camps or prisons, without the possibility of sailing away. Others still experiment war, injustice, torture, rape… without being able to say or do anything. All these ships incarnated so that I could see this hell-on-earth that I have created in my image and likeness. They contribute to the awakening of my consciousness, while I still have the choice of casting the moorings or not. I thank them and take the decision to play my own partition. I say farewell to my old world. I let go of all attachments and I sail away for good. Finally, LOVE can journey freely toward the infinite!

Will you come with me?

Warrant for Arrest was Issued Against LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE

Warrant for Arrest was Issued Against LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE

On March 3rd, 2008, a warrant for arrest was issued against LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE, for failure to produce income tax reports for Revenue Canada Agency.

For information, check the English version on the following site:


I am presently living an extraordinary experience to enhance the evolution of my consciousness. It is not, as most people presently assume, a fiscal, legal or financial event. My current situation is the outcome of a long process, inscribed in my daily life, whose sole purpose is to transform my level of consciousness.

The process began when, in 1995, I wrote The medical Mafia. In this book, I proposed a solution called “individual sovereignty”. For the first time, I realized that the ultimate creative power is found inside each human being! From then on, I applied this concept in my daily life, learning to behave as the creative and sovereign being that I am.

After seven years of practice, I shared my experience in a second book, What the Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway?, which came out in 2002. Inside, I started by describing The Big Picture of the evolution of human consciousness. Then, I explained the 180 ° turn which characterizes the behaviour of the new being. As he becomes aware of who he really is, his behaviour changes in all the spheres of his daily life: religious, financial, political, legal, commercial, industrial, domestic, communal… Non-collaboration with the income tax law is also part of this approach, which I have put into practice since 1995.

This evolution of consciousness brought me to discover and to heal many fears that I was unconscious of holding. I took an irrevocable decision to leave behind my state of unconscious, fearful sheep and to reach the state of a winged mare who is conscious of her true identity. This led me to give free rein to my soul, my only true sovereign, and to blindly obey her bidding. The warrant for arrest that was sent on March 3rd allows me to face the ultimate fear, that of imprisonment. What a present I give to myself, for the love-of-me!

Humanity is a transitional state between animality and idessity (internal divinity). The fearful human race that we presently know, and which has been painfully surviving in what can only be called hell-on-earth, is on the verge of extinction. A new being is appearing, who knows that he is the sole creator of the whole universe. This being will finally know real love, undying life, and paradise-on-earth.

I am delighted to participate actively and voluntarily in the evolution of human consciousness and I wish to thank all those who collaborate with this.

(Ghislaine Lanctôt)

Dr. Castonguette

Dr. Castonguette

Claude Castonguay, actuary, banker and insurer, privatises healthcare.

On February 19th, 2008, the Commission Castonguay report was making the headlines and announcing the end of free health insurance in Quebec. Beneficiaries learned that they would have to pay more for the public healthcare system, and even more for private services that would fill the gaps left by the first one. “A Shock-Treatment to Save Quebec’s Healthcare System,” could we read on the front page of the daily newspaper La Presse. What luck we have to use the expertise of a man such as Castonguay to rescue a healthcare system on the road to ruin!

As usual, our politicians – mere puppets on the “political scene” – made official declarations that were as variable as the colours of their parties. Union officials threw in their usual comments and journalists reported all that was publicly announced. But nobody seemed surprised that the founder of our present health insurance, the very creator of our perfect system, was the one who announced its demise. He did not shed any tears, show any regret, nor did he apologize. It is hard to understand why three different political parties entrusted Quebec’s healthcare system to the same person during all these years, in spite the repetitive failures he accumulated along the road. Nobody blames Castonguay.

By the way, who is Claude Castonguay ? He is an actuary, a banker and an insurer. He is also a member of the Trilateral Commission, a semi-secret society founded by David Rockefeller. This is where real decisions are taken concerning most countries’ policies, which are then diligently applied by their leaders. Castonguay has been in charge of Quebeckers’ health for the last 40 years. As the Minister of Health under the Liberal Party, he established a public monopoly that he claimed was the perfect solution for a free access to health for everyone. A few years later, under the leadership of the Quebecois Party, he instigated the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan. Shortly later, he proposed the privatisation of the whole system as he stood next to Mario Dumont, chef of the ADQ party. Today, Castonguay opens wide the doors to privatisation and organises the final private monopoly. The loop is looped. Hurrah!

Is it possible that we were had? That the only purpose of public health insurance was to create a public monopoly that was meant to be privatised later on? Well, it was a good idea, since the population would never have accepted a private health monopoly. Quebeckers said yes to a public monopoly because they believed that the word “public” was synonymous with “people”. Dr. Castonguette was the man who was designated to fulfill this agenda in Quebec. He is above political parties and above the law. He actually writes the laws and politicians execute his bidding, whatever the party they belong to. Once he instigated the public healthcare monopoly, he then added prescription drugs. All he needed to plan after this was a state of chaos in the health system. He organised budget cuts, reduced personnel, and called the private sector for help. Mission accomplished!

Notice that the same stratagem is used in most countries. Expenses are increased and services, decreased. The result is automatic – more profits. But where do these profits go? In the pockets of the real leaders of our world – international bankers. These are hidden behind the “political scene” and command strict obedience to all politicians.


We pay dearly for our ignorance and our unconsciousness. For the past millennia, we have been running from one disaster to the next and one bankruptcy to the next. Our healthcare system is one example among others. All systems are in the same state – very ill and doomed to die. They are in the image and likeness of their creators – sick and mortal human beings imprisoned in a world of illusion and deceit. Each dollar invested in health insurance aggravates illness and accelerates the ultimate outcome – death. Our present health system reinforces the underlying lie a little more each day. The truth is that we do not die from illness, but from fear and exhaustion.

In reality, death and illness do not exist. The problem is that we do not remember this. We are unlimited and immortal creatrix, but we have forgotten. We believe that we are poor, limited and mortal creatures. I create my own illness so I can feel the consequences of neglecting my true identity. Illness is always a gift. Why not welcome it and make peace with it, instead of fighting it and trying to get rid of it? It would be easier and much cheaper!

The rise and fall of the healthcare system simply reminds me of the world of illusion in which I live from birth to death. Illness – both my own and that of the healthcare system – call me to order and force me to evolve in consciousness towards the world of reality, where illness, aging and death to not exist. That is how I will one day discover heaven-on-earth, life-without-death. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the creator of Quebec’s health insurance system, Dr. Castonguette, for his active participation to this marvellous experience.

(1) Castonguette: The name given to Quebec’s health insurance card, in honour of its creator, Claude Castonguay.