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March 2008

Warrant for Arrest was Issued Against LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE

Warrant for Arrest was Issued Against LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE

On March 3rd, 2008, a warrant for arrest was issued against LANCTÔT, GHISLAINE, for failure to produce income tax reports for Revenue Canada Agency.

For information, check the English version on the following site:


I am presently living an extraordinary experience to enhance the evolution of my consciousness. It is not, as most people presently assume, a fiscal, legal or financial event. My current situation is the outcome of a long process, inscribed in my daily life, whose sole purpose is to transform my level of consciousness.

The process began when, in 1995, I wrote The medical Mafia. In this book, I proposed a solution called “individual sovereignty”. For the first time, I realized that the ultimate creative power is found inside each human being! From then on, I applied this concept in my daily life, learning to behave as the creative and sovereign being that I am.

After seven years of practice, I shared my experience in a second book, What the Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway?, which came out in 2002. Inside, I started by describing The Big Picture of the evolution of human consciousness. Then, I explained the 180 ° turn which characterizes the behaviour of the new being. As he becomes aware of who he really is, his behaviour changes in all the spheres of his daily life: religious, financial, political, legal, commercial, industrial, domestic, communal… Non-collaboration with the income tax law is also part of this approach, which I have put into practice since 1995.

This evolution of consciousness brought me to discover and to heal many fears that I was unconscious of holding. I took an irrevocable decision to leave behind my state of unconscious, fearful sheep and to reach the state of a winged mare who is conscious of her true identity. This led me to give free rein to my soul, my only true sovereign, and to blindly obey her bidding. The warrant for arrest that was sent on March 3rd allows me to face the ultimate fear, that of imprisonment. What a present I give to myself, for the love-of-me!

Humanity is a transitional state between animality and idessity (internal divinity). The fearful human race that we presently know, and which has been painfully surviving in what can only be called hell-on-earth, is on the verge of extinction. A new being is appearing, who knows that he is the sole creator of the whole universe. This being will finally know real love, undying life, and paradise-on-earth.

I am delighted to participate actively and voluntarily in the evolution of human consciousness and I wish to thank all those who collaborate with this.

(Ghislaine Lanctôt)