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September 2012

The Sheep Go to the Polls!

The Sheep Go to the Polls!

The next United States presidential election is to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The sheep are invited to vote, that is to mark a check box next to the name of one of the shepherds designated by the sheepfold’s owner. What a privilege to be able to choose the shepherd who will, for the next four years, shear the sheep until no wool is left, then bring them to the slaughterhouse… making them believe that it is for their own good!

Some sheep will go with some resentment, remembering the misdemeanor of the outgoing president.  They will choose another one, hoping it will be better – after all he promised it! Other sheep would forget about – or forgive – the lies, betrayals, corruption and exploitation from the previous shepherd, and they will grant him their trust again. Baaaaat, in the end, all the sheep hope that the next shepherd will improve their fate.

But the shepherd is just a puppet, whoever he is, who obeys the diktat of the sheepfold’s owner, Big Money. He is handsomely rewarded for dominating and exploiting the sheep as much as possible, in favor of his boss. The best candidate is certainly the best liar who succeeds in charming the sheep and making them believe in his promises, knowing that he has no power to make decisions. The media, property of Big Money, will favor the candidate already chosen by the master, pretending to be neutral. And yet, the media also blindly obey the orders of the sheepfold’s owner.

As for the sheep, they are completely ignorant and unconscious of their true identity. They take themselves for poor powerless creatures. They are afraid and search for security and protection from fake external power – the official mafia. They pay for it dearly. Even more, the world owner is working out a policy of total impoverishment and enslavement of the all population of the planet.

Baaat, the sheep wants to keep believing in the dream of a good shepherd instead of freeing himself and take responsibility for himself. He chooses to be sheared and eaten by the shepherd, and begs him for the leftovers.  He will vote for the least harmful one because he thinks that… government is a necessary evil. Really? It does not even occur to him that he could not be a sheep!

What does Personocratia say?

Personocratia remembers who she is and behaves as such. She knows that the supreme authority – sovereignty – is inside and that only she holds the true power. She is conscious of the meaning of her actions: TO VOTE IS TO GIVE UP HER SOVEREIGNTY.

By voting, I deny my identity; I give my power and money in to external authorities, I refuse to accept the omnipotence of the sovereign being that I am. In short, I renounce my free will (which is exclusive to human beings on this planet) and I consent to remain in the deceitful illusion of democracy. I willfully choose animal slavery, and I decide to remain the property of a murderous and insatiable State. Nothing new. Didn’t the Greeks say: “Men are the livestock of the gods”?
Consequently, Personocratia will continue to behave as a sovereign individual and will therefore not go to the polls on November 6th. She will not vote neither will she cancel her vote to show her discontent to the authorities. The only authority is inside and she obeys her soul only, her true sovereign. Her ego will convince her otherwise with thousands of good reasons among which the same old song: “It’s your citizen’s duty”. Nothing will make her change her decision. Personocratia has left the world of lies and her allegiance is now to the Truth-Consciousness.

Words of Ghis translated by Marie-Anne.
Posted on October 9, 2012 on Personocratic Seeds :