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December 2013

Christmas: the Celebration of a Horror Story!

Christmas: the Celebration of a Horror Story!

As I’m writing this blog, it is Christmas Eve. Most of the people living around me are gathering with their family, busy preparing the meal and all that comes with the celebration.

Lately, a lot of people wished me a Merry Christmas and asked what my plans were for the occasion. With many people, I avoided automatically answering back “Merry Christmas to you too” and told them the truth about my plans: “I am not celebrating Christmas”. This triggered some questions, of course, and depending on the person and the circumstances, I would explain a little bit more or I would just stick to my answer, “I just don’t celebrate Christmas.” What a good exercise to practice speaking my truth and facing my fear of rejection!

So tonight, since I am not celebrating non-sense and lies, I feel inspired to explain one of the reasons that made me stop celebrating Christmas for good a few years ago – apart from that I had stopped believing in Jesus many moons ago and that family reunions have always drained me.

Let’s get to the point of this post. Do you actually know the real meaning of Christmas? The real story that grown ups should know and tell their little ones but not at bedtime? Have a seat, make yourself comfy by the fireplace and have a hot chocolate if you want…Here is a summarized version of the story that I borrowed from the new Personocratia booklet # 9 on Family:

[Most people do] not know that most celebrations correspond to thousand-year-old ceremonies that included rape, torture, sacrifice (animal and human beings) by dismemberment, hanging, stabbing, strangling, etc.

Jesus (Yeshua ben Pantera) was not born on December 25th of year 1. Even Pope Benedict XVI publicly admitted it in 2012. Christmas actually reproduces the old pagan festivity of the winter solstice. More than 5000 years ago, it was the celebration of Nimrod (Nikos, Nicholas), the sun god of Mesopotamia, which was represented as the head of a fish – like the pope’s miter. To honor Nimrod, human sacrifices took place during 12 days. These victims were all babies. The priest would consume their flesh and hang their heads in large sacred pine trees. From there comes the tradition of hanging balls in a fir tree!

The legend of Santa Claus is also distorted. Nick (Nicholas, Claus) is one of the Devil’s names. Santa is an anagram of Satan. Thus, Santa Claus means “Satan the Devil”. To worship him, I lie to my children with a grotesque story and I work like mad to make money so I can buy expensive gift – often on credit. And I call that love!

Could it be why some children are afraid of Santa Claus?

After reading this, do you still feel like celebrating? This is what I really celebrate each time I celebrate Christmas…each time I put my time, my energy, my money, my thought towards that…each time I pronounce the words Christmas, Santa Claus, Noel…each time I decorate a fir or pine tree, I sing or listen to Christmas songs…Through these seemingly innocent activities, I actually perpetuate the original tradition and carry on its primary purpose to celebrate Nimrod, the sun god, Satan – by extension, the world of illusion and death.

If you believe that you are celebrating love, peace and communion of spirit, think again. Indeed, the new meanings that were given to the Christmas celebration do not change the initial energy that it carries in its core. Giving a new meaning to the celebration which religions, spirituality and society purposefully did is similar to wrapping a bottle of poison in a beautiful gift box and handing it to someone with a big smile. Like the Trojan horse, I welcome it with open arms and make it part of my life without ever questioning where it came from.

In fact, those who gave me the gift don’t care about the meaning I give to their gift. All they really care about is that I keep it. And the more I use it, the better they feel, regardless if I feel happy, angry or frustrated. Any emotions, any vital energy that I generate benefits them – that is their very food and that’s what makes these occult entities grow stronger [1]. And the ‘gift’ is the carrier, the channel between me and them. In order to stop feeding them, I have to get rid of the gift as a whole, in other words, I stop celebrations and all that comes with it.

In my search to connect with the Truth-Consciousness, I have to become aware that any traditional celebrations, rituals and worship are used by entities from the subtle worlds to suck me dry of my vital energy. Mass celebrations simply increase the effect. So at Christmas time, they are having an orgy. If you thought real fun was on earth, you were mistaken!

If I want to live in the Truth-Consciousness, I first have to stop walking the path of lies. In other words, I have to stop putting my time, money, thought, action and energy into lies in order to stop inflating the world of illusion (not true) I am currently living in. That’s the reason that made me decide to stop celebrating Christmas because, no matter from what angle I looked at it, I only saw lies.

Secondly, to live in Truth, I have to acknowledge my true identity. As a matter of fact, as long as I am not my true Self, Truth cannot manifest outside me. Indeed, for a long time, I thought I was a poor creature from an external creator. I had forgotten that I was actually the Supreme Creatrix of the whole universe. If I had remembered that there was nothing and nobody higher than me, that I was an unlimited omnipotent creative being, I would have never worshiped anybody or anything to begin with.

In conclusion, all these traditional celebrations, ceremonies, rituals and worships come from impaired memory within human beings. There are no sun gods, God, Allah, Jesus or Santa Claus to celebrate in the first place – just celebrate myself, by turning my attention inward and tuning into my soul, my inner source of Truth, Love and Peace.

Author: Rhiame,
Personocratic Seeds
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