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Mode of Operation

The products found in our boutique have been created to help spread the idessic consciousness around the world. Enjoy them fully!

This online store remains true to Personocratia’s way. She acts as a sovereign and responsible being at all levels: creation of products, commerce, and consumerism. This is described in booklet #6 of the Personocratia’s Booklets series: Money towards… Unlimited Creation.

Here is the procedure to follow:

1. Browse through our online store.

2. Add to cart the items you wish to order. Then, click on View Cart.

3. Send us your preliminary order.

4. We will email you the amount per item, the shipping costs, the total amount, and the description of possible payment methods.

5. You will be able to finalise your order.

Note – You can also order books and booklets through your local, independent library.



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