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Activities are listed by date, regardless of countries. They are usually bilingual and include direct translation from English into another language.

Country, Region, City Date of Activity Teacher Title, Theme, Description Details Contact

CANADA, Québec, Cantons de l’Est

1 au 5 août 2024

Diesse Ghis, David, France et Sylvie

Atelier intégral de diessité de 5 jours.       

En français.       

Sylvie :
Téléphone : 1-450-297-3930
Courriel :

CANADA, Quebec, Eastern Townships September 5 to 11, 2024 Ghis 7-Day integral idessity workshopWithout prerequisite. Sylvie:
Phone: 1-450-297-3930
CANADA, Quebec, Eastern Townships October 10 to 14, 2024 Ghis 5-Day IDESSITUDE - Idessic Annual Rendez-Vous French With prerequisite. Sylvie:
Phone: 1-450-297-3930
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