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January 2023

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Today is the remembrance day… we remember who we are!
We honor and celebrate Idessa, the sovereign idessic individual that we are!
Our sovereign hymn has been translated into English and it will come out in a near future.
In the meantime, you can listen to its flute musical version starting today at 11/11 which means 11 o’clock and 11 minutes:

Let us rejoyce!

The Vaccinal Joke

Oh no, not another epidemic! And Made in China, this time!

I feel like I’ll have to speak up again, one more time, on this subject which always end up in the creation of a new vaccine which will come out of a surprise box. Quick ! Quick ! Quick !

Let me be sincere. I’m fed up of repeating the same thing since The Medical Mafia came out 25 years ago. I’m tired of warning people against the manufacturers of epidemics and the manufacturers of vaccines. The same two mobsters. But their media progaganda and political endorsement have quickly convinced the mass of scared sheep that we are of the merit of their deadly cocktail. Because, in truth : no fear, no epidemic, no vaccine and unlimited health for all!

While I was questioning myself on the pertinence of commenting on this new epidemic, I remembered that I had made a web capsule entitled The Vaccinal Joke two years ago. Unfortunately, it is still relevant today and I don’t know what I could add to it. The nasty microbes, Pasteur the benefactor, the protective vaccines, and all the fear that feeds it, I simply cannot believe any of it. It’s a joke as big as Santa Claus! It’s The Vaccinal Joke.

Ghis for Personocratia


Ghis’ Letter – September 7, 2018

Ghis’ Letter – September 7, 2018


Summer is almost over and vacations are now a memory. It’s back to the daily grind of hell-on-earth, where scandals erupt one after the other, regardless of the country. It even seems that the country where I live, Canada, doesn’t really exist and has never been sovereign…! (The Myth is Canada)

We’re starting to feel the suffocation of “enough is enough” as well as the anger of powerlessness that goes with it. But is it enough for us to decide to reclaim our individual sovereignty and to leave Daddy-State with its illusory security and protection? Are we ready to stop collaborating with income tax, banks, multinationals and official medicine?

It is urgent to get out of our lack of caring and our comfortable, insensitive, heedless and irresponsible lethargy. Like the boiling frog, we accept the unacceptable and continue to delude ourselves “It’s no big deal!” “It could be worse!” And it will get worse, as long as we need it to awaken in us the courage to embark on the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS: the replacement of the intelligent ego’s external government by the internal governance of the sovereign soul.

Lots of practical solutions are being proposed. None are suitable, now or in the future! Because the time has come not to improve the corrupt situation- you can’t improve rot- but to go to the root of the human being and to discover the Truth, the Supreme Being that resides within it, the sovereign soul. And to let it be in control of our life.

Who will take the initiative of this revolution? It’s the individual, it’s you, and it’s me! Because it’s the slave that makes the master and not the opposite

(see video: Only the slave can free himself.

“When the slave dies, the master disappears”, Hegel would say.

Today, humanity is at the junction of the old world that is strongly resisting abandoning its domination, and of a new world that is thirsty- actually dying of thirst- of realizing its ideal of freedom. The passage from one to the other is turbulent. It is imperative to stay focused despite the turmoil, with no room for half-heartedness, boredom, fear, doubt or despondency… to undermine the fervour of the fire longing for the ultimate goal: the communion of spirit of beings of the Earth. That is where Personocratia, truth-consciousness, comes into play. That is its role!

To accomplish this, Personocratia puts at your disposal many concrete tools:

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  • Books and booklets which contain the basic knowledge in all fields.
  • Thematic conferences on DVD with excerpts on the website.
  • Current affairs capsules YES, There’s a Solution available on the website under the heading Videos.

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  • Charts and posters for teaching
  • Workshops, seminars and gatherings to integrate the consciousness and answer questions

Please note

From December 28, 2018 to January 6, 2019, Ghis will teach the full 10-day winter workshop. It is offered once a year. It is a unique experience of transformation of consciousness. Furthermore, practical and concrete tools are acquired, adapted to the new world.

International and bilingual English-French, this workshop provides the opportunity of meeting people from many countries, a prelude to the union of beings on Earth around a common Spirit. Here’s the calendar:

We are all creating our future. It’s up to us to invent a future of truth with immortal beings, creators of Heaven-on-Earth WITHOUT death!


Ghis for Personocratia

Canadians Imperiled: Supreme Court Trial

Canadians Imperiled: Supreme Court Trial

Ghis co-host an interview of David Stephan with Sallie Elkordy

A truly important, precedent setting case is before the Supreme Court of Canada. David Stephan is embroiled in a case which will set a DIRE precedent (if he loses) for all Canadians. Canada’s Constitution does not allow for Mandated Vaccines. This case is complicated, but well may lead to CRIMINALITY for those who could have prevented a tragedy (as with vaccines… or so they say) or perhaps someone dies but COULD have benefitted from chemo-therapy… WELL, the deciders (PARENTS) would be criminalized if they are found guilty of not providing it. JAIL TIME if a child dies. That’s one way to get around their Constitution, I guess! Pray David succeeds! Many thanks to my co-host Madame Ghis.
A Votre Sante, Cheers, Salem, Salute, Slainte, To Your Health!, Sallie O. Elkordy

10-DAY WORKSHOP with Ghis – WINTER 2017

10-DAY WORKSHOP with Ghis – WINTER 2017

Today, I begin with essential questions.

* Have you arrived at that crossroad in your life – where the past is in the past, obsolete, even absurd and – where the future is a harrowing question mark?

* Has the moment arrived for you to ask yourself the two fundamental questions of your existence?

Here’s the 1st question: Who am I?

Other than a man, a woman, a father or a housewife, a worker, a retiree, rich, poor, young, old… and all the false personalities I take myself to be.

Here’s the 2nd question: What am I here to do on Earth?

Other than work, suffer, age and die.

These are the questions I invite you to ask yourself, if you haven’t done so already.


We live at an incredible time- both alarming and fascinating-

* ALARMING by its destabilization: the crumbling of all our systems, our structures, and our survival tools.

* FASCINATING by its meaning: the birth of a new species, a species conscious of its real identity as sovereign beings. Not only are we witnessing it, but also we are participating and contributing to it.

This mutation is the equivalent of the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly. To become a butterfly is awesome, but going through the stage of the cocoon, not so much… The cocoon signifies the annihilation of the caterpillar; just like the passage to a new species presupposes, for the human being, the elimination of the old scared sheep to which we are still so strongly attached.

Concretely, this implies letting go of our survival assets- beliefs, desires, habits- of the world of illusion in which we swim; in other words, the death of our individual and collective ego. Quite a program!

It’s not time for resistance or protests anymore, but time for preparation of our passage into the world of truth.  What does this consist of? A radical transformation of consciousness. Only this can lead us there. Is this utopian? It’s reality. Is it feasible? Yes, with courage and determination. Is it worth it? Immeasurably. Let’s remember that nothing- but nothing- will ever be the same. Let us rejoice and get ready!

Since the publication of my first book The Medical Mafia, more than twenty years ago, I’ve been exploring and practicing individual sovereignty, this OTHER way of living in consciousness. I share my experience in books and booklets, DVD’s and Web capsules, as well as workshops, notably 10-day workshops I offer twice a year: one in English and one in French.

The next workshop will be held December 28, 2017 to January 6, 2018. Interactive and all encompassing, I review all spheres of our daily life: family, money, work, health, education, society, politics, religion, and spirituality… and I tackle the what and the how of the passage to the new truth-consciousness.

– It is held in English, in Quebec, Canada and lasts 10 days.*

* If the duration of 10 days is not suitable for you, you can participate in the first three days, or more, depending on your situation.

In any case, I invite you to concretely live the greatest adventure of all times- the adventure of our birth into a new species- the only reason why you and I have incarnated on Earth at this precise moment.

For information:

David Icke & Ghis Interviewed in Toronto on ThatChannel

David Icke & Ghis Interviewed in Toronto on ThatChannel

Ghis’ and David Icke’s paths cross again, this time in Toronto where they are interviewed at the Liquid Lunch Show by Hugh Reilly on

Part 1: David on Target Awareness

Part 2: Ghis on Personal Sovereignty, Immortality, David Icke