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Personocratia’s Behaviour

Three criteria distinguish Personocratia:

1) Identity: She knows who she truly is – Idessa, the unlimited creatrix, with all her attributes. Simultaneously individual and universal, she is both One and All.

2) Authority: She acknowledges the sovereignty of her soul and blindly obeys her.

3) Sincerity: Gradually, she learns to behave as an idessic being in all circumstances and all fields of life – finance, economy, law, politics, health, family, education, religion/spirituality, and society.


In agreement with the individual path of her soul, here are some examples of daily actions that she chooses as she gradually travels along Personocratia’s path:

• She listens to her soul. Her actions are guided by her consciousness instead of being imposed by external authorities.

• She becomes financially self-sufficient. She creates her own job. She refuses to sell herself as a slave to an employer. She is the responsible and accountable creatrix of everything that happens to her. No external authorities need to support her – neither government nor any other agency.

• She is eternal youth. She does not put money aside for retirement. She does not participate in pension plans or claim an old-age pension.

• She is omnipotent. She needs no security or protection, and even less prevention. She refuses or cancels all insurance, starting with health insurance.

• She is a sovereign person – the supreme authority. She has no need for governments, elections, politics, and taxes.

• She invests in peace. She does not contribute to income tax or other taxes, which serve to finance war. Instead, she contributes to the common good in her own way.

• She is unlimited. She does not belong to any country (limited boundaries), limited company, ROCSSSS (Religion, Order, Cult, Secret Society, Spirituality, Science). She swears allegiance to her soul – internal Idessa.

• She is just and fair. She does not invest in the stock market, nor does she borrow or lend money with interest. She refuses to do business with banks, which only lend thin air. She creates and uses her own money. She exchanges without interest or taxes, in an equitable way. She pays a fair price.

• She is immortal. She encourages the flow of money instead of its accumulation. She makes no testament and does not leave a legacy.

• She is rich. She buys good-quality, expensive, local products inside locally-owned shops. She invests in durability. Is she not immortal?

• She is infinite love – the only reality. She sees herself in others and treats them as she treats herself. She needs no army or police.

• She is everything. Internally unified, she knows there is no external enemy. She is not afraid of other people, microorganisms, future events, etc.

• She is perfectly healthy. She does not visit medical doctors, who are merely illness specialists.

• She is a creatrix. She creates herself. She is an original, not a reproduction. She no longer believes in procreation. Parents who reproduce children? This is an old photocopying story, an out-dated legend, just like that of Santa Claus. She stops her attachment to family roles, customs, and traditions. She says goodbye to the institution called family.