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A Visionary or an Agitator?

By Sunday January 16th, 2005March 31st, 2015en

A Visionary or an Agitator?

The book ‘The Medical Mafia‘ raised doubts about just how honorable is the practice of medicine in this day and age. It reflects the anarchist side of its author. Even today, G. Lanctot states: “If government tells you to go left, turn right. And if it tells you to go right, turn left. This way you’ll never go wrong.” She believes government is tied to and muzzled by international financiers, which includes the banking and insurance sectors, that have a choke-hold on elected officials.

The Medical Mafia addresses some important issues. We have therefore decided to present you with a resume of an interview we did last summer with Ghislaine Lanctôt.
Vents CRoisés : To summarize your critique of our health system you state: “Our system is a system of sickness rather than one of health.” What do you want people to understand by this statement?

Ghislaine Lanctôt : If you go up the decision making hierarchy ladder in medicine, you will find at its very head Dr. Rockefeller: the world bankers who own the multinational pharmaceutical and technological conglomerates. They impose their ‘corporate philosophy’ which stands for profits at any price. They control medicine from top to bottom using the WHO as a front. The WHO sets the health policy which all UN member countries are obligated to adopt. This is how high finance exercises its power over the health of the entire planet. It imposes its dictatorship over individual countries through government agencies that control the public health sector, universities, health insurance regimes, college of physicians, medical federations, etc. All members of these organizations must blindly obey the directives of their associations, or be subject to reprimands and expulsion.

* What is the goal of a financier? To make money, obviously.

* Is good health lucrative? No, sickness is where profits are made.

* How do you do to raise profits? Increase the client base of sick people. Either by making people even sicker, if they already are sick, or making them sick if they are well. Which explains why the system is one of sickness.

VCR.: In your book The Medical Mafia, you outline your thoughts about corporations whose mission is to control health care professionals. When you wrote this book, you knew that you were at odds with your corporation and that your career was at risk? What happened in your life that led you down this road? And why did you think there is a health crisis?

G.L.: Yes I knew I was at risk, and the retaliation by the College of Physicians came as no surprise. I wrote about the penalties when one does not obey the party line. They range from intimidation to death by way of loosing one’s rights and property. Why did I risk my career, profession and financial and social well being? From a materialistic point of view it was certain suicide. But I didn’t see it that way at all. It was a force that drove me to make the truth known, to expose the real face of medicine which I was discovering. What I thought was an honorable profession serving life revealed itself to be a business serving death. As a practicing physician for over 25 years, armed with curiosity, common sense and a working experience in three countries, I came to understand the inner workings of the medical system. I realized that a patient cannot possibly comprehend what is happening in such a complicated, frustrating and expensive system. That’s why I decided to expose the medical mafia, its members and how it functions, as well as outlining solutions which lead to real health.

VCR.: You touch upon a very interesting subject when you reveal how services are declining each day, how governments continue to reduce subsidies to hospitals and how financiers, who pose as saviors, are the ones who are ruining the universal health insurance programs. Help us to understand what you conclude from these observations.

G.L.: Before the introduction of state health insurance in 1970, medicine, with its hospitals, services, insurance, drugs, technology… operated as a free enterprise. The advent of state health insurance created a public monopoly, one devoid of any competition. A medical dictatorship in the name of the public good. Remember the famous phrase uttered by Rockefeller: “Competition is a sin.” From there it is a small matter to create chaos in the public system and then call upon the private sector to come to our rescue, to show up the inadequacies of the public system in order to demonstrate the need for privatization. And that has almost been accomplished.

As F. D. Roosevelt once said, “In politics nothing happens by chance.” This includes the medical system. One simply has to look at its evolution to see the same actor still at work therein since the very beginning. Claude Castonguay, then minister of health, initiated the program and later headed a commission which put into place state medical drug insurance. He now sides with Mario Dumont advocating the inevitable privatization of medicine. Who is Claude Castonguay? A banker and an insurance man. One has to step back to see the whole plan: institute state medicine, create a public monopoly, which sounds very noble, then privatize it and transform it into a private monopoly. Bingo!

VCR.: In The Medical Mafia, one has the impression you feel the health system is worthless. Moreover, you denounce the political authorities and the media for indulging in fear mongering as concerns illnesses, aging and death. What have you to say about the prevention facet of various public health programs?

G.L.: The health system is in the hands of international financiers. As in the case of laws, it is created by them for them. It is based on fear, without fear there is no illness and even less of a need for medical drugs. Only fear motivates a potential patient to see a doctor, without which he or she would never go. Fear must be promoted in various ways to lure healthy people and draw them into the tentacles of the octopus from which it can seize its prey. This is done by repetitive media campaigns that focus on fear and the need for detection tests to prevent illnesses. In fact, these tests are just another way to treat more people sooner and longer. You are no doubt aware that thinking creates and so a person diagnosed with an illness will see it manifest itself in due course. All prevention and public health programs are under the aegis of the government and have the same objective. The deception is believing that public or government means serving the people. This is a costly mistake. We are paying for it with our hard work and with our lives.

VCR.: Before dragging you into court, the College of Physicians tried to prove that you were dangerous because “you were duping” the public. Even in the most recent edition of your book, you go so far as to state that AIDS does not exist. Do you believe that and do people not understand you? Why say AIDS doesn’t exist when people are dying of it?

G.L.: One does not die of cancer or AIDS, one dies of fear and exhaustion. I learned that from persons diagnosed as being HIV-positive over ten years ago and who are still in good health today. “What did you do?” I asked. Everyone told me they had taken back their individual power, rediscovered their human dignity, flushed the drugs down the toilet and took a chance on life. They preferred to risk dying sooner with dignity than suffering a horrible death later. The miracle was that they regained their appetite and strength and finally their vitality. This is how I became aware that the real power of healing comes from within, and all drug interventions or other aggressions hinder the healing process. They do prolong the illusion of survival, but prevent access to life which heals.

As for AIDS, it is not an illness but a syndrome: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a number of signs and symptoms related to an acquired (not congenital) immune deficiency. This immune deficiency allows other known illnesses to develop, but not AIDS. What causes this immune deficiency in a person? It may be a life that has no meaning, poverty and malnutrition, medication, stress, drugs, vaccines, pollution, etc. But it is not the HIV virus!

Am I right or wrong? Neither. That’s what I believe to be true. Find your own truth within yourself, in your soul and conscience. That’s where the truth lies, not in the teachings of Dr. Rockefeller, nor in my book. As for me, I found an answer whenever I do not understand what motivates the decisions of government (medicine is a government monopoly). I say it again: whenever government tells you to go left, go right. And if it tells you go right, go left. This way you’ll never go wrong!

VCR.: You also ask yourself certain questions: Why are some people always ill and others never? Why are we still dying of cancer after 50 years of research? What answers do you suggest?

G.L.: When I realized medicine made people ill, I asked myself what made people healthier. After an exhaustive look at the question, I came to the conclusion that a person’s state of health is directly proportional to his state of consciousness, that is, his awareness of the reality of his being. It is at the level of being, of the soul and conscience, that everything takes place. People who are stressed are ill because they are at war within themselves between the emancipation of their ‘being’ and the security of their ‘having’. The more they are attached to possessions, the harder they struggle against the current of life (the emancipation of their being) the more they become exhausted. War makes people ill, ages them and kills!

We are still dying of cancer after 50 years of research because we focus only on the physical aspect, that which can be seen, touched and measured. It neglects the all too present invisible factors such as thoughts and emotions. We know all too well that illnesses are psycho-somatic (originate in the psyche and manifested in the physical). Is it because of ignorance that research makes people out to be materialistic machines without souls? After 50 years of failed research, surely not. Moreover, it is because the research mandate is to discover drugs which prolong life and create other illnesses instead of finding a cure. That’s good business!

VCR.: What is the situation concerning the trial Of The Medical Mafia?

G.L.: That’s been over with for some time. It was a unique experience for me as well as for all the spectators. I knew the outcome was a foregone conclusion well before the trial even began. The goal was to strip a physician of the right to practice for speaking out and not towing the party line. It was impossible for the College and the profession as a whole to have among them a member who dared to oppose the established medical dogma. I had to be thrown out. And so I was. Not unlike the Inquisition of the Middle Ages. This whole saga is told in a book entitled The Trial of the Medical Mafia.

VCR.: Tell us a little about the metaphysical basis which underpin your ideas about autonomy and health?

G.L.: When writing The Medical Mafia, I asked myself the following question: We always speak about the ‘medical body’ but never the ‘medical soul’. What is the soul of the medical system? It is the patient, that is its raison-d’être. Without a soul there is no body. Without patients there is no medicine. From which follows that the supreme authority of the medical system is the soul, the patient. He is the one with the power over his health and all financial facets. However, in real life, the patient has lost his power over the practice of medicine to the College of Physicians and his control over finances to the insurance companies. The soul submitted itself to the body and so it became ill. The roles are reversed and the system is upside down. People are sick and the medical system is in a state of chaos. What to do? Re-establish order, the sovereignty of the soul in humans and in the medical system so that both may regain their health.

Who can accomplish this? Each and everyone of us as individuals is the supreme authority. Every individual has the decision making power over health and money. By not going to see a doctor or by not contributing to the system, the system immediately collapses. Dr. Rockefeller knows this only too well. He focuses all of his energy to prevent such a catastrophe, the death knell to the exploitation of illness.

What prevents individuals from doing just that? Unawareness of their individual sovereignty. People forget who they are. They are both the creative spirit and the created matter. An individual thinks of himself as a poor creature at the mercy of an external creator which is sometimes God, sometimes a doctor, sometimes the government, sometimes a virus… Which explains his fear that has existed throughout the ages, because he does not create but suffers his fate. This in turn accounts for his submissiveness to external authorities. And that leads to his being ill, growing old and dying.

Humanity is in a transition between being animalistic (unaware of who I am) and being divine (aware of who I am). We are at a cross-roads, and there is a rapid rise in awareness these days. The evolution of the soul forces individuals to grow at such a dramatic pace that any resistance to it becomes intolerable, painful and even deadly. A human being contrary to an animal has a choice. He can choose to join forces with his soul and conscience; give priority to being over possessing, overcome his fears and so end human suffering. He will then know joy, all-mighty power and bliss. Divine beings are on the verge of being born and with that comes unlimited health, eternal youth and physical immortality.

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