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From Shocked Sheep to Winged Horses

By Monday January 31st, 2000March 31st, 2015en

From Shocked Sheep to Winged Horses

A physician’s guide to planetary transformation.
By Roxanne Davies, published in “Shared Vison Magazine”.

Just as Joan of Arc shook up 15th century France, Dr Guylaine Lanctot, a Quebecois physician, has shaken modem medicine to its core with her scathing book “The Medical Mafia”. Saint Joan paid with her life; Lanctot may have sacrificed her right to practice medicine.

Today this outspoken critic of orthodox medical practices is embroiled in a disciplinary hearing with the Quebec College of Physicians and Surgeons who want to take away her right to practice medicine. Lanctot’s book criticizes the power of multinational drug companies, the danger behind mass vaccinations and medicine’s denial of the efficacy of complementary healing techniques.

Prior to releasing her book, Lanctot severed all ties with her clinics and ceased to practice phlebology, the treatment of vein disorders. She lives on a farm east of Montreal and travels across North America and Europe conducting healing seminars. She is also currently writing her second book called “Personal Sovereignty” which elaborates on her theme of health and healing, both personal and planetary. Her message is simple but not so easy to put into practice. We can only transform ourselves by letting go of fear through self-awareness and the practice of’ Applied Spirituality. Only we can decide wisely on the path we should take.

“If we come from the one source of energy, then we are that energy,” says Lanctot. “We have simply forgotten who we are. We are Divine. We are the God/Goddess. If I am one drop in the river, I am the river. It’s time to stop thinking of God as a man with a big stick – Pure Love with a Big Stick! If I obey the laws of his representatives, I can go to heaven. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Lanctot shows how humanity is divided into white and black sheep. White sheeps are subordinate to authority, operate in fear, yet are rewarded with the carrots of money, prestige and power. If we disobey the power hierarchy and become black sheeps, we risk the big punishment sticks of 1) manipulation (we’re not part of the elite, whether in our families, work or society); 2) the rule of law and 3) jail or death.

If we want to become free as winged horses, we must look into ourselves to see a glimmer of who we truly are. From the dense and heavy sheep, to the lighter, faster frequencies of the winged horse, the transformation will be a release from slavery.

Lanctot is a proponent of the work of fellow Quebecois Gaston Naessens, who has studied the somatid theory of health. Naessens deduced that these tiny scintillating particles in the blood and sap of trees and plants are indestructible. If these particles are in us, then it would follow that part of us cannot be destroyed.

To achieve vibrational transformation, Lanctot recommends a three-step process of invocation, intention and identification..

First, we must invoke our inner wisdom, which may come in the form of a Higher Being, be it the Virgin Mary, Christ, or anything or anyone with whom one feels comfortable.

Then we must clearly state the intention for releasing and ask ourselves what stops us from being happy and healthy. It must be a very clear question for the body to answer.

Last comes identification, which involves getting out of the intel¬lect and into the emotions. Identify where the blocks are in your bodv and what stops you from being healthy. The body will answer. Go into the pain and see its size, colour and locatio in the body. Follow it until you get in touch with the feeling, be it fear, sadness, anger. Allow yourself to fully experience it. You may begin to shake, feel like choking, yelling or throwing up, but keep going into the feeling until you feel like you may die. Lanctot promises you won’t. It is simply an illusion. Ultimately, the process will leave you feeling light and joy. Then it is important to thank yourself for what you have accomplished.

What Is Planned for Us?

AidsIsASyndromeNinety percent of our daily thoughts and actions are determined by fear. A state of possessive patriarchy benefits through our behavior as “shocked sheep, incapable of mak¬ing a decision.”

According to Lanctot, less than 1% of the world’s population, namely multinational financiers, exploits the other 99%. We have been programmed to obey the rules – rules which have been created by this power elite.

Lanctot’s vision of our possible future is chilling. She sees us as heading towards a New World Order, or World Dictatorship in which globalization is used as a means to control, rather than bene¬fit, us. The entrenched poverty of Africa, for example, was created by the IMF which forced the nation into monoculture. Now, 70% of Africa’s population will disappear as a result. Africans are dying from AIDS and vaccines will finish off the rest.

Lanctot insists that HIV has nothing to do with AIDS which, she believes, was manufactured in labs. “AIDS by its very definition is incurable. People who develop the disease are robbed of hope of recovery. Yet HIV has nothing to do with AIDS. AIDS is a syndrome of 25 diseases and a deficient immune system caused by malnutri¬tion, medication – both legal and illegal – stressful.conditions and no spiritual meaning in life.”

But Lanctot’s is not a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Noted philosopher, peace activist and MIT linguist Noam Chomsky also speaks of the shaping of a New World Order. He refers to North American media as the “propaganda machine.” The power elites manipulate public opinion, he says, while leaving the people so confused they have no coherent way of responding.

Yet Lanctot’s vision is more sinister than that of Chomsky. In Europe she spoke with people who believe we are on the verge of being implanted with microchips. “Some Alzheimer’s patients are already being experimented with, as animals have been in the past. And we will be told it is for our own protection,” she says. She believes that the popular use of bank cards is the first step towards the microchip.

“l’m not against technology, just the intention behind it,” she explained. Although some sneer at this conspiracy theory, Lanctot rebuts these views by claiming that paranoia could also be called the beginning of awareness. There are definite steps we can take to regain our personal sovereignty and we can start tomorrow without breaking a single law.

Moving Towards a Paradise on Earth

Before you pack all your belongings and take to the hills, Lanctot offers these suggestions for gaining personal sovereignty. We are not heading for the Armageddon some religious zealots envision, but we must be aware that secrecy and silence serve the authorities. We consent by our silence. It’s time to open the closets and let out the family secrets. We must stop giving our money to the people we trust the least.

First of all, we must say no to the three Cs:

1) Combat: Stop fighting yourselves and each other. Stop blaming your parents. Always be aware of whether you do something with love or from fear.

2) Cards: No plastic credit cards. There’s nothing illegal in’ saying no to banks and exorbitant interest payments which continue to make money from the poor without working.

3) Consumerism: Buy local produce from your area, province or country. Buy a farm or support a farmer directly so that you can play an active part in deciding where your food is coming from. Then nothing can feed the multinationals. The hysteria over obtaining the lowest price results in the death of our own industries and merchants.

Lanctot envisions the three Cs of Creation as a means of ensuring that we continue to live in harmony with the earth, which does not belong to us:

1) Community: People will get together to form small communities of 300 – 2,000 individuals, both in the city and the country. Bartering will become popular, and there will be no more crazy fluctuations of our currencies. People will also help each other become healthier. Lanctot would like to see every community with “golden arches” sites for children to learn to cook for the adults with older people teaching them life skills.

2) Circle: Every decision will be made in a circle, representing equality. In spirit we are all equal.

3) Consensus: You can’t be a personal sovereign and let others decide for you. Exchange the golden rule “He who has the gold makes the rule” for that which Jesus and other great teachers have taught: “Treat your neighbour as yourself.”

Lanctot’s message of attaining personal sovereignty is particularly aimed at those Quebecois who believe that separation will bring them ultimate salvation; Lanctot, however, believes it is only exchanging one power elite for another.

“We are only limited in our creativity by the current rules of society. We must stop begging for freedom and start acting like the sovereign beings we truly are.”