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From the Prison Within to Heaven on Earth

By Friday May 31st, 2002March 31st, 2015en

From the Prison Within to Heaven on Earth

Report of Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctôt’s seminar
in Lyon, France, May 2002, Published in NEXUS Magazine – French Edition – No21, page 34

In May 2002, in Lyon, France, the Kenkoo Association had invited Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctot and David Icke ( to address a seminar entitled “From the Prison within to Heaven on Earth”. With the latter exposing the “facts” and the former dealing with the subject of “transformation “, the two complemented one another extremely well. Even though it was David’s first visit to France, it will probably not be his last as his insightful discourse struck a cord with the French audience. Ghislaine, already a frequent visitor to France, elaborated on her pioneering work with her usual confidence, audacity and determination. Her enthusiasm coupled with her teaching skills allowed her to convey her thoughts in simple logical terms. With the help of sketches and illustrations her message was at times disturbing as she turned many commonly held views and beliefs on their heads. What followed was an often humorous dissertation that made it very clear that the means to our liberation are readily within our reach.


The following is a synopsis of a portion of Ghislaine’s presentation. “After everything that David Icke told us yesterday, is there anyone still not convinced that we are living hell on Earth? Let’s begin there,with all the violence, disease, starvation, drugs, paedophilia, arms races, wars, censorship, secret societies, corruption, powerlessness, despair… it is hell on Earth! In order to create heaven on Earth we will have to answer the question: Who is the creator? Imagine a lake bounded by trees that are reflected in its calm waters.
«The reflection is an exact copy that can beg the question: Which of the two images is real? When we have the full picture, the answer is obvious. The ones above are real, that is the reality. The illusion is those which are below. The trees above are the creators of the image and those below are the creation. This is the fundamental duality: creator/creation, spirit/matter, soul/body.

Why are we experiencing hell on Earth? Why is the part we’re living in, which is matter, such an inferno? Why are the trees below so unhealthy? The ones above must be just as ill! If we project an image of the society in which we live, matter or creation is an exact likeness of the creator, which is none other than each and every one of us. We have created everything. When I say “we” I mean “I”, each person is a creator. I alone am responsible for having created hell on Earth, no one else. I can’t blame it on anyone. Whether I perceive society as a whole or simply my own body as being ill, I have to go back to the root, to me, the creator, the creative spirit, to my soul in order to see just what is happening at that level.

Why do I treat myself that way? The material world I live in is nothing more than a mirror that enables me to see what I really look like. How can I change if I don’t know what I look like. I alone have created hell on Earth in order to see what I look like within, not Satan or Lucifer, just me! I am Satan. I am Lucifer. This is quite different to what I used to think and believe which was that other people were at fault. For years I tried to change these other people: parents, children… Has it worked? No, it doesn’t work! The only thing left was for me to change.
How do “I” function when I create hell on Earth? It is a question of Trinity… I developed three characters that I act out. The first is a sheep: a poor, powerless and irresponsible victim mired in and feeding upon fear. The second is a big bad wolf: the culprit responsible for all these woes. Finally, there is the good shepherd: the protector and defender.

We find ourselves caught up in this infernal triangle. As for the shepherd, we have forgotten that his role is to shear the sheep and when they no longer produce enough wool, the shepherd leads them to the slaughter. That is where we have been heading for time immemorial. Are we going to continue down this same road? Is history simply going to repeat itself?

I created this sheep because I have forgotten who I really am. I created an illusionary character because I have forgotten that I am “the creative spirit”. I am reality, I possess matter.

What is the creative spirit? It is the highest vibration frequency, the one that creates all the others. We often refer to this creative spirit as God. However, when I mean God, I am not referring to the God of religions, but to the highest level of the creative vibration. Having forgotten that I am this vibration, I created instead external Gods such as golden calves, idols and spirituality. It is always the same thing, all these creative spirits are external to me. Whatever the sector, be it medical, political, economic, family or legal, the only human pathology is the separation between the creator and his creation.

The fact of the matter is that creator and creation are one. If we go back to the image of the trees reflected in the lake, those below cannot exist without the ones above. This is the duality in which we live. There are two and yet they are one, it is “indivi-duality”. As long as I continue to consider divinity as being external to me, I remain internally divided and I am constantly at war. As a result I create war on this planet, in my image and likeness. The only way to create peace on Earth is to make peace within myself, between me the creator and my creations. It’s as simple as that!

Instead of seeing myself as a sheep, I am going to see myself as I really am, a “winged mare”, the sole creator, responsible and accountable for everything that happens to me in my life. The reason why we have been told that the Trinity was a mystery beyond our understanding now becomes obvious; as soon as I become aware of who I really am, the shepherd looses his job! The trick is to make a decision, it is a matter of deciding, of “accepting”. To realise who I really am is a major step simply because I find it difficult to totally embrace my greatness, my “divinity”, not just a part of myself or as a member of a divinity, but as being all the divine. What does it mean to be a “member” of something? It is a notion that is deeply rooted in us. We are members of associations, families, religions, political parties… our herd instinct.

Before evolving into “humanity” we were animals, members of herds. We lived in a terrestrial paradise, it was a life of happiness, love and abundance until that fateful day when Eve picked an apple from the tree of knowledge and shared it with Adam. With that they experienced good and evil — they experienced duality. And now I am caught between Eve, my feminine side, which is my spirit, and Adam, my masculine side, which is matter. Caught up in an infernal duality, a battle between these two. I left that earthly paradise to become more conscious. I long to go back, not as a member of the herd, but as an indivi-dual. That is what I came to Earth for, to become an indivi-dual and realise that the two are really only one.

What is the creative spirit? It is my true nature. It is boundless. It can accomplish anything, it is all knowing, it is abundance and it answers to no one. That is why I say that God-Goddess or Idessa as I like to call it, is everywhere. Everything is divine. This is important because it is fundamental. It seems so radical and is difficult to accept because for thousands of years I have been repeating the message via my cells that I am merely a poor creation of an external creator. As a result, I live according to a survival program: working, growing old, suffering and dying. However, I have decided to stop! I have made the choice for me, because if this is living I might as well give up now.

So why do we stick around? We do so because somewhere deep within ourselves we know that there is something else. Life on Earth can be better, we can experience peace, happiness and solidarity. I have finally found it. I have realised that I am all powerful and the rest is a manifestation of my inner self. The more I take care of my being, the more it will be healthy, the better off I will be. To start living one must come to a complete stop, make a U-turn and head in the opposite direction that leads towards immortality, not only of the soul but also of the body. Making an about turn is an individual decision, it is the key to transformation. This means amassing everything that I have believed in and built and throwing it away. And doing just the opposite of everything I did in the past. It is a matter of finding my true unlimited creative nature. I realise that since I created hell on Earth, I can just as easily create paradise on Earth. I learn to think and act as a divine being. I transform my illusionary fears into true love. I discover that there is a meaning to life. I experience ease and simplicity. I improve my health, I grow younger, I laugh and I live. This is what I came on Earth to accomplish: to realise myself, create a marvellous paradise and experience an ultimate well-being. Paradise on Earth will take shape only after I create it within. When I become one, peace will automatically follow.”

Thus concluded the first part of Ghislaine’s presentation. She went on to outline how to put this ambitious program into action. It was stimulating, refreshing, disturbing and an eye opener all rolled into one. A wake up call to take charge with the perspective that there is a meaning to life. An approach that is diametrically opposed to the dead-end perspective which is only too prevalent. Although younger people tend not to participate at such sessions, those that do are among the most enthusiastic. We are hopeful that the seeds Ghislaine has sown will bear fruit.

Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctôt

2002-05_prison_interieure_au_paradis_image4Ghislaine Saint-Pierre Lanctôt is a Canadian who practiced medicine specialising in phlebology (varicose veins) for over twenty years. Disappointed by a health system which did not reflect her aspirations, she expressed her views about the medical establishment in a book entitled The Medical Mafia. Published in 1994, in it she denounced the medical system as one being in the service of Big Money and incapable of providing any solutions to health problems. The book sparked such an uproar that the College of Physicians (Medical Board), the establishment’s watchdog, brought her up on charges of treason. To no one’s surprise, the trial by her peers ended with a guilty verdict. Thus leaving her medical career behind, she continued to reflect and expand upon the observations she made when writing The Medical Mafia. She had already understood that all the well entrenched power based systems (economic and financial, political, governmental and religious powers) operate in the same fashion. And so, seven years after her first work, she published What the Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway? The whimsical title aside, the book reveals the extent of her reflections as well as outlining her experiences with individual sovereignty. It is a practical how to guide for anyone who wishes to experience happiness and well being by becoming a conscious creator responsible for all facets of his or her life. She now organises workshops, seminars and conferences on this theme in North America and Europe. She shares her views and experiences on the road to becoming a sovereign entity with vitality and a good dose of humour. (Page 35 NEXUS N° 21)