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Interview with Madame Ghis

By Saturday February 28th, 2009April 1st, 2015en

Interview with Madame Ghis

An interview with Ghis by Mado

Previously known under the name of Ghislaine Lanctôt, physician and author of the bestseller The Medical Mafia, Ghis now dares to explain the underlying secrets of the legal mafia in her new book, Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison. Since her release from Maison Tanguay – Montreal women’s jail – Ghis claims that, “The legal mafia is a hundred times worse than the medical mafia!” This is what she explains in this interview.

MADO: Why were you imprisoned in Tanguay?
GHIS: Because I refused to sign the interim release documents made under the name of LANCTÔT GHISLAINE, the legal person created by the government and of which it owns the full rights of property. I chose to go to prison instead of denying my true identity as a sovereign being. This refusal to sign brought an automatic imprisonment until the official trial that was scheduled two months later, on May 28th, 2008.

M: Why were you released on May 28th, 2008?
G: When I faced the judge on that day, I asked for the trial to be rescheduled. A new date was chosen – January 20th, 2009. I proposed to the judge an interim release prior to the trial, but without any signature. This way, I would avoid going back to prison a second time for refusing to sign the release. He accepted my proposition on my word of honour, without the usual signature.

M: What do you think will happen on January 20th, 2009 ?
G: I have no clue and it doesn’t really matter. The result is not important, the process is. This whole adventure serves as a process for the evolution of my consciousness. My friends call this an “evolutive shortcut”. I am sure that it is my soul who brought me to prison and she will also decide on the outcome of this next trial. The judge and the enormous judiciary apparatus behind him are not the true deciders. In the world of illusion in which we live, we believe that external powers govern our lives and we are afraid of them. In reality, the soul inside each human being is omnipotent. The complicity of all our souls is what directs human evolution. I ended my latest book with the following words, “As always, the only winner remains the evolution of human consciousness.” It is the only thing that matters. That is why the decision taken on January 20th will be perfect and does not worry me.

M: You often say that the legal mafia is a hundred times worse than the medical mafia. Why?
G: I needed to understand the medical mafia before I went on to experience a legal mafia that is much more complex, secretive, insidious and deceitful. The legal system is responsible for atrocities that are inconceivable for a normal person. Even when one uncovers some of the truth, its Machiavellism is so refined that it remains difficult to believe. Realise that in Canada only, there are six million laws that you must know since nemo legem ignorare censetur (nobody should ignore the law). Worse still, there are two series of parallel laws. One is called Common Law and the second, Roman Law, which is related to commercial entities. The legal vocabulary uses common words and gives them an entirely new meaning. For example, the word “person” refers to the legal entity – straw man, fictitious or paper entity – and not the human being of flesh and bones as we use it in the ordinary language. Yet, both persons, the fictitious and the physical, bear the same name. What a coincidence!

M: Are you telling me that a typical citizen carries two distinct personalities?
G: Indeed, he has two! The first one represents the baby of flesh and bones that slips out of his mother’s womb. The second is a fictitious personality created by the government and identified by the same name as the baby’s. As he grows up into adulthood, the individual is not aware of this double personality and identifies with the straw man bearing his name. This brings him to accept, without his knowing, to be a slave of the State. This doubling of personalities allows the government to mislead unconscious individuals and to impose the absurd systems that are related to this sham – legal, police, judiciary and prison systems. This treachery is possible because I have forgotten my true identity, that of a sovereign being governed by his soul.

M: In your new book, you mention that the next step in human evolution is to learn to live beyond all systems of law. How is this possible?

G: By letting go of slavery! Realise that you are a slave, daughter of enslaved parents and mother of enslaved children. We have remained unaware of practicing this type of slavery from generation to generation simply because we cannot hear our chains jingle. Still, we remain the slaves of the State and are totally submitted to it. The words of Pierre-André Paré, ex-deputy-minister for the Quebec Revenue Agency, are very eloquent, “All is privilege granted by the State – your car, your house, your profession, in short, your life; and what the State gives, it can take back if you are not a docile tax payer.”

This enslaving conditioning is what I must now abandon because it forces me to search for protection and security outside of myself. The time has come to die to the old fearful sheep that I believe to be, so that I can give birth to the omnipotent sovereign being that I really am. We are talking here about a total transformation, much like the caterpillar that dies to allow the emergence of the butterfly from its own living flesh. The present crisis we are now experiencing is not financial, social, political or environmental… but evolutionary. The outmoded animalistic human species is on the brink of extinction. It is mutating into a new species that is conscious of its unlimited creative identity.

M: What can I do concretely to get out of slavery?
G: First, you must become aware of your present status. As a citizen, you are born a slave, you live as a slave and you die a slave. This state of affairs brings you to blindly accept the following exchange. You are granted rights and privileges that provide you with security and protection. In counterpart, you submit to the duties and obligations ordered by your master, the government, and those it serves. In short, you are selling your soul to allow the survival of your body. By doing so, you renounce your true identity as a sovereign being. To get out of slavery, you now need to do the exact opposite, which is to renounce citizenship and all its rights and privileges. That is the recipe for freedom!

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