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News from Personocratia

By Monday April 25th, 2016April 30th, 2016en

News from Personocratia


We are living a crucial step in the evolution of humanity. The war between truth and untruthfulness is in full swing and on all levels, both subtle and concrete. Truth will win; it cannot be otherwise. But when?… And especially, how?

Personocratia is patient and will last as long as it takes to become accomplished, regardless of the obstacles she will meet. She won’t capitulate. She knows what’s at stake: either we reclaim our true identity as sovereign individuals and adjust our behaviour accordingly, or else we become robots, doomed to be slaves forever.

Personocratia also knows that there is a solution: the transformation of individual consciousness, a real mutation. As with the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, the process consists not of improving the caterpillar, but to make it die so that its true identity as a butterfly can emerge from its remains. And what needs to die within us? The ego, of course! And what will emerge? The Supreme Being, all-powerful sovereign that we are!

After eight years of intensive work, we have completed the series of Personocratia’s Booklets. They are proving to be precious tools of understanding and of solution for each of the systems in which we are evolving. Concise and practical, they are designed just as well to inform truth seekers as to support teachers of the idessic consciousness:

We are now focusing on web capsules, with the theme YES, There’s a Solution! Why this title? Because we are noticing that a lot of information is circulating regarding the conspiracy, but that very few solutions are offered. Furthermore, the few solutions provided remain focused externally.

But the answer is individual and internal. Nobody can save us, only ourselves. Let’s hurry up and become conscious of our inner sovereignty and obey it. From there will emerge the unity of the opposites authority and obedience, the third solution, outside of duality, outside of space-time, outside of separation, where there is no more fear or ego, where true peace and joy reign.

If you feel called to discover and integrate the idessic consciousness, you can participate in the 7-day workshop, from December 28, 2016 to January 3, 2017.