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Endorsed Teachers


Those who offer Personocratia lectures, seminars, and workshops are called “Personocratia teachers”. Those who are mentioned on the following calendar are the only ones endorsed by the Personocratia site for the present calendar year. You can gather some interested people in your area and contact one of them directly. They can travel and cater to your group’s needs.

Ghis (French or English)
Phone: (1) 450-297-3930
Fax: (1) 450-297-0233
Lectures, 10-day integral workshops, thematic workshops with or without prerequisites, including the yearly Idessitude.


 ghis-yeuxGhis, IBIT (Idessic Being In Training)

An IBIT (Idessic Being In Training), that is who I am. Over the past sixty years, I’ve been roaming about, looking for an absolute truth. I have lived in different countries, and experimented different roles, including that of a physician, an entrepreneur, a mother, an author, a lecturer, etc.  I finally came home inside myself, and discovered that what I was looking for had been part of me all along.


At eighteen, I wanted to become a philosopher. However, I didn’t believe “thought” contributed much to the well-being of humanity, so I opted instead for a profession which, to my way of thinking, could make a difference – medicine. I practised as an MD for over twenty years, although I set aside one day a week for “thought” whenever I could. Three subjects were of particular on-going interest to me: medicine, politics, and spirituality.

• In medicine, I sought unlimited health. I was convinced that everyone could be perfectly healthy and that it could be achieved at minimal cost.

• In politics, I wanted to decentralise power, to put it back into the hands of those to whom it belongs: the people.

• As for spirituality, I searched for the absolute. I discovered the world of the invisible and its precedence over the visible world.

I travelled down many roads, teaching, writing books and articles, reporting, giving lectures and holding workshops. I also founded an association for businesswomen. All the while, I pursued my medical activities, specialising in the field of phlebology. I established a number of treatment centres in Canada and in the USA. I came to understand the real inner workings of the health industry.

All this travel and experimentation made me realise that the only solution was individual sovereignty. I realised that the supreme authority lies within and that each person is sovereign and idessic.
I stopped fighting the authorities. I stopped trying to change the system, or the world for that matter. I ceased my role as a saviour. I learned to change myself and to obey my consciousness. I came to the conclusion that true idessity is inherent to us all as individuals. The original vibration that created the universe is within each person. I called it Idessa.

I left medicine and wrote The Medical Mafia. In it I described the medical system as it is, a system of illness that serves Big Money. It is not there to help cure people. I explained the tools needed to escape from its grasp and find health and wealth.

That brought the full power of the medical establishment down upon me. It retaliated by bringing me to trial. To no one’s surprise, I was convicted and my licence was revoked for life! This saga is recounted in The Trial of the Medical Mafia – 1996.

I then turned my attention to individual sovereignty. For the following years, I practised integrating this concept into my everyday life. I shared my experiences in a second book entitled What the Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway? – 2002

From being an MD, (Medical Doctor), I’ve promoted myself to IBIT, (Idessic Being In Training), a true representation of who I really am. I learned who I am, and how to behave as such. I use Idessic Consciousness in my daily life. It took a long and circuitous route to get back to the essentials. This new consciousness and its application eventually brought about legal proceedings from Canada Revenue Agency.

In 2008, I spent two months in prison during which I discovered the exit door to human slavery. I described the details in a book entitled Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison (2009).

A website reports all the recent legal proceedings, judiciary measures, and prison events – from 2007 on. For information, consult the following website:


When I realised that the body’s state of health was only a manifestation, a mirror of the soul’s state of consciousness, I told myself, forget the body and take care of the soul and its consciousness. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

• I give lectures on different subjects, in English and French.

• I also offer orientation consultation with individuals, groups and firms.

• I give courses and seminars on how to remember our real identity and apply it to such topics as evolution, authority, religion/spirituality/science, politics, law, money, health, education, family/couple/children, society.

I use pictures, animal imagery, and recapitulative outlines to understand and simplify concepts, ideas, and complex situations. Then, I come up with practical, concrete solutions.


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