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Teaching Personocratia


Personocratia’s various activities allow one to dive into the new idessic consciousness and learn how to put it into practice in daily life. Each activity is made up of three successive steps:
• Becoming conscious that I am locked up inside a survival prison;
• Deciding to escape from this prison and life at all cost;
• Learning to think, talk, and act as an idessic being in all aspects of life.

These activities last from 3 hours to 10 days. Here are the categories:

1) The 3-Hour Lecture –  This presentation is followed by a question period, to discover “The Big Picture” of the evolution of human consciousness. The following questions will be answered: “Who am I?”, “Where is humanity going?”, “Why did I incarnate in this hell-on-earth?” When the presentation uses the DVD of a past lecture, it is called “Personocratia’s Teatime”.

2) The Integral Workshop – It can last 1, 2, 5, or 10 days and has no prerequisite. It is an interactive seminar to discover (1-2 days), explore (5 days), or experiment (10 days) idessic consciousness in all aspects of daily living.

3) The Thematic Workshop – Its length can vary and it can be offered with or without prerequisites. This interactive seminar aims at going deeper into a particular subject.

Personocratia also offers exclusive lectures, seminars and workshops to groups with special requests. Such activities are not mentioned on this site.