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Personocratia’s Story

Personocratia is not related to one person in particular, but to all those who aspire to manifest who they really are. It is an individual consciousness without hierarchy, structure, or membership, where each person plays her own tune and uses her particular talents.

Personocratia’s Conception

In the past, humanity’s collective consciousness evolved in a linear fashion. Nowadays, its evolution has become exponential. Why? A critical mass of human souls is now ripe for the unification of body and soul. Their union can only take place inside willing and conscious individuals. The presence of a new, very special “idessic” energy called truth-consciousness greatly facilitates this process. The whole situation may seem incomprehensible, because it takes place beyond mind. It cannot be explained, but it can be felt.

The anchoring of this truth-consciousness took place in the middle of the 20th century in India, when the “supramental” vibration settled in the consciousness of two human beings: Aurobindo Ghose and The Mother (Mira Alfassa). This gigantic step was a universal première. When a new type of energy becomes anchored inside a single human body, it then becomes accessible for all human bodies.

However, as Eastern societies focus mainly on internal experiences, the diffusion of this new idessic energy inside matter takes place more easily in Western societies, which are more prone to concrete action. The individual application of this novel consciousness in all fields of daily life – private and public – raises the interest of Westerners who are hungry for truth and freedom. Personocratia emerges from this Eastern-Western conception.

Personocratia’s Birth

Personocratia was initiated by Ghislaine Lanctôt. Born in 1941 from two spiritually-aspiring parents, she quickly exhibits the behaviour of a black sheep by constantly questioning authority. Behind this ever-present conflict was hiding her incessant quest of the supreme authority – the universal Big Boss. “Go get the boss” would she demand repeatedly.

As a child, she always wondered why her friends did not enjoy the same high standards of living she had inside her own affluent family. During her teens, she tried to find a solution to social iniquity and inequality. After being thrown out of school for indiscipline, she became a drop-out for two years. Then, she studied medicine, chose phlebology as a specialty, and set up several medical clinics, all the while giving birth to and raising four children. A shattering divorce turned her quiet life upside down and put her back on an evolutionary path. At that moment, Ghislaine has no spiritual knowledge other than what she learned as a Catholic in her youth – a religion she no longer practices. She has no special powers, but her strong common sense and intrepid courage push her to act in conformity with her inner truth. She enjoys understanding, popularising, and transmitting her findings.

Around 1989, Ghislaine moves to the USA at the moment where the God of profit-at-any-price rules over the business world. The management of her medical clinics prompts her to ask herself a practical question: How can she offer the best service to her patients while insuring enough profits to keep her business going? One side cannot be accomplished without injuring the other side. That is when she discovers the principle of the “double-bottom line” (double final result). The health of her business can only be reached by establishing a balance between the quality of service and the quantity of profits. Once this balance is reached, the third element of an equilateral triangle automatically appears. She calls this “grace”. Order, peace, and miracles can manifest. This goes far beyond anything imaginable. That is the recipe she was looking for!

However, the problem is not solved yet. How can she make sure that service (the soul of a business) and profits (its body) remain balanced? Which one comes first? She quickly understands that this is the key to what is called the “mystery of trinity” – and the key to omnipotence! As she ponders on this question, she discovers a surprising and unexpected answer: the priority of soul over body. Thus, the emphasis must be put on service (the soul of a business) so that profits (the body of a business) can automatically appear. When this is done, service and profits become balanced. Inescapably, the third element of the trinity – spirit – manifests in matter. The business becomes healthy – a true miracle. The same magical, failsafe recipe can also be used for a person.

This is the key for omnipotence that Ghislaine had been searching for so long in order to solve her conflict of authority and reach unlimited health for all at no cost. The real creative power is internal. The supreme authority of a system or a person can be found inside the soul. Supreme means divine. Consequently, the human being is divine and holds all the powers attributed to ancient gods. It is obvious! Ghislaine does not doubt this for one minute. She remembers who is is – Idessa, the unlimited creatrix – and names this new consciousness “individual sovereignty”. She presents this solution at the end of her bestselling book The Medical Mafia, that she publishes in 1994.

As this new idessic consciousness gradually emerges inside her, Ghislaine tries to apply it concretely to the various domains of her daily life. Her behaviour changes radically. For every thought, word, or action, she keeps asking herself: “Would Idessa, the supreme being, think, say, or do this?” Invariably, the answer is: “No!” So, she radically transforms her behaviour. The first personocratia is born!

Personocratia’s Childhood

Ghislaine starts four years of lectures and workshops on the theme of individual sovereignty. She crosses Canada, the United States, and Europe with France, her evolutionary partner. Concurrently, she develops “The Big Picture” (1995), which describes the evolution of human consciousness and becomes the basis of Personocratia’s teachings. Moreover, through concrete experiences, she is able to discover what precise actions allow the permanent dissolution of the false conception of external authorities. In 1993, she lets go of her health insurance card. In 1995, she stops paying income taxes and renounces the medical profession. In 1996, she stops using a driver’s permit and says goodbye to her roles of mother, saviour, etc. As the first personocratia, she learns to act concretely in her daily life. Meanwhile, a small team starts to run book sales and the organisation of workshops. In France, a few people start to offer workshops on individual sovereignty.

After a resounding trial related to her book The Medical Mafia, Ghislaine resigns her membership to the College of Physicians. The book The Trial of the Medical Mafia gets published and accelerates her passage to a life with increasingly lesser external authorities.

Shortly after, Ghislaine decides to take three years of rest, experimentation, and interiorisation that bring her to write her second book, What the Hell Am I Doing Here Anyway? In 2001. This becomes the basis of the personocratic path. In it, four animals are used to describe the evolution and transformation of human consciousness. It presents the concept of personocracy, the unlimited power of the sovereign person, and describes the behaviour of Personocratia in the fields of religion, spirituality, politics, economy, education, the media, family, and society. It also reveals the long-awaited mystery of the trinity of creatrix, creature, and creation. It can be understood and applied by giving priority to the soul over the body. This brings about their union and automatically leads to the spiritualisation of matter, which is the purpose of terrestrial evolution.

Nobody remains indifferent to Ghislaine’s upsetting statements and coherent behaviour. In Europe and in America, some people love her ideas while others scorn them. Despite all odds, Ghislaine’s faith on the evolution of humanity towards idessity remains unshakable. In 2002, she discovers the writings of Aurobindo and The Mother on the emerging supramental being. Thankfully, she learns that she is not the only one to talk about another consciousness beyond mind.

In 2003, an Internet site is born ( in which Personocratia presents herself, her tools and activities, and a list of facilitators who teach idessity in Quebec, France, then several other European countries – Spain, Italy, Hungary.

Personocratia’s Adolescence

The actions of Personocratia increase in quality and quantity. From 2004 on, Ghislaine offers intensive ten-day workshops in which her message becomes integrated and strong. One year later, a sudden, implacable, logical awareness comes up inside her: “a creatrix creates her own body”. Consequently, there are no parents or children. The concept of family is as big a lie as the story of Santa Claus! No wonder it never worked! Worse still, this inner understanding also means the end of sexuality. Whoops! Once again, truth becomes obvious and Ghislaine has no doubt. But, how can she claim such heresy? It becomes a real challenge! Despite her fears, she decides to go against public opinion and proclaim the end of the outmoded, painful, absurd institution we call family.

A few people vibrate intensely to the personocratic message and decide to totally focus on their evolution of consciousness. Some of them insist on getting a written overview of the ten-day workshops. Ghislaine decides to publish the Personocratia’s Booklet series, which details the ten basic subjects examined during her ten-day workshops. Mado, a new personocratia, accepts to write them under Ghislaine’s guidance. The first booklet is published in 2007. One year later, another personocratia, Diane, decides to organise monthly lectures with Ghislaine in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. These are called Personocratia Reçoit (Personocratia Invites). These lectures are filmed, edited, and made available to the public on a French Internet site ( and its English equivalent ( The idea becomes popular and is taken up in Paris, France by Maryline the following year.

In 2008, Ghislaine faces legal proceedings after years of failure to file income tax returns. Instead of renouncing her true identity, she chooses to remain two months in Maison Tanguay, Montreal’s detention centre for women. When she is released from jail, she decides to write a book describing her experience and the conscious approach that she chose to deal with the legal system. The book is called Madame Ghis – Escape in Prison. Shortly after, she attends her court hearing and claims once more her status as a sovereign person with a body, a soul, and a spirit. She repeats that the court of justice has no jurisdiction over her and finally announces the death of the citizen Ghislaine Lanctôt. The fearful sheep is dead; its wool is gone. From that day on, she calls herself Ghis*. She discovers that true freedom is inside**. There is only one disturbing problem: Ghis can no longer use a passport, the last privilege to let go as a citizen.

Personocratia’s Adulthood

New personocratias become actively involved in the diffusion of this new consciousness. Unique workshops called Personocratia Explores are offered in 2010. Original creations follow, such as Personocratia Steps In, Personocratia’s Café, an advanced workshop in France called Personocratia Goes Further with facilitators from Quebec and France. The new personocratias move forward, each following her own internal rhythm, finding her individual way of evolving on this pathless path, and sharing her experience with others.

As the new world of idessity slowly emerges, the DVDs made after each Personocratia Invites lectures allow each Personocratia who lives far away to keep informed. Readers wait impatiently each new publication from the Personocratia’s Booklets series. Besides workshops in Europe and America, DVDs, books, and booklets spread the personocratic consciousness. The invitation is sent to any person who vibrates with this idessic energy to help its diffusion in her own country – with the means at her disposal.

Here is a list of the various possible roles: workshop facilitation (integral and theme-based), lecturer, organiser of such activities, publicity, promotion during symposiums and special events, sales (books, booklets, DVDs, CDs, etc.) to local groups, libraries, and stores, phone or direct consultation, newspaper and magazine articles, Internet sites and blogs, art (songs, theater, painting, graphic art, poetry, prose), etc.

The Universalisation of Personocratia

Personocratia’s vibration comes from the union of body and soul. It manifests when a human being gives priority to her sovereign soul. By putting her body in the service of her soul and giving her free rein, her whole being transforms. The first years are filled with internal turmoil as her ego becomes worried and fear wakes up. This state gradually diminishes and a state of internal peace establishes itself. The new truth-consciousness becomes anchored in the body. Highly “contagious”, it spreads first to other cells of the body, then to other persons. When a critical mass of human beings will be affected enough to decide consciously to walk the path of idessity, a total transformation of the planet will ensue. The new idessic kingdom will be established for good. The totally-mutated bodies of conscious personocratias (idessic beings) will manifest all idessic attributes: unlimited health, eternal youth, life-without-death, omniscience, omnipotence, bliss, order, harmony, peace, true love.

* In the name “Ghislaine”, we find the suffix “laine”, which is the French word for “wool”. Thus, by removing her wool (laine), “Ghis” lets go of her status as sheep (tax-paying citizen). A meaningful pun!

** For more explanations, check Ghis’ legal site: It means “I remember who I am”.