Are you searching for a solution to money?

Then, come and play the GAME with us!

The GAME is an unlimited sovereign currency,

Created and used by sovereign individuals,

Conscious of their Supreme Authority and

Consistent in their behavior.

The GAME, or Garden for All Manner of Exchange (from the French word JEU (game), or Jardin d’Échange Universel),
is a network for the exchange of goods and services. It uses a type of self-managed computable money: the GAME point.

Self-Managed: Administered by the individual herself;

Computable: Numbered agreements are recorded inside an individual GAME book;

Money: A written promissory note used for multilateral, deferred exchanges.

The GAME uses money that is not controlled by any external authority. It falls strictly under the authority of the GAMErs involved. It allows for a true exchange, which consists of giving something and getting something else in return. Self-managed, it rests on the responsibility of each individual GAMEr.

It is also universal, because the basic unit, the minute, represents a value that remains stable everywhere on the planet. It is money without borders.

Based on a partnership without centre or structure, the GAME favours both individual and community enrichment. This new type of money was created and organized in Southern France by the late Daniel Fargeas, in 1998. The following year, it was brought to the Eastern Townships, in Quebec, Canada.

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