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Personocratia’s Booklets


The passage between the old animal world and the new idessic world is not easy. It takes place as I learn to behave as Idessa and as I live idessity on a daily basis. Personocratia offers a collection of ten thematic booklets to help us on our path.

Title Personocratia's Booklets

These booklets contain the most recent information from Personocratia. They come from explanations given by Ghis during her workshops and have been taken down and written by Mado. Concise, clear, concrete, practical, they serve as compasses for the transition phase that humanity is presently going through as it transitions towards idessity.

1. Evolution towards… The New Species
2. Authority towards… Omnipotence
3. Religion towards… Idessity
4. Politics towards… Individual Sovereignty
5. Law towards… Justness
6. Money towards… Unlimited Creation
7. Health towards… Physical Immortality
8. Education towards… Innate Knowledge
9. Family towards… Communion of Spirit
10. Society towards… Paradise-on-Earth

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