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Personocratia’s Uniqueness

What is it about Personocratia’s path that makes it so different from all other spiritual, magical, philosophical, social, familial, political, legal, economic, medical, scientific, or educational teachings? Its difference rests on three main aspects:

1) Personocratia follows the path of truth-consciousness found beyond intelligent mind, where illusion is replaced by reality.

2) To be coherent with this path, Personocratia manifests this truth-consciousness in all aspects of her daily life. Without concrete action, changes of consciousness remain shaky and sterile. One turns in circles and goes nowhere.

3) Finally, Personocratia works on the transformation of consciousness. She is going towards a major mutation, not a mere improvement. This makes her path very different from personal development, evolution of consciousness, or transhumanism – whether technological or magical.

Humanity is a transitional species between unconscious animality and fully-conscious idessity. From its present transformation of consciousness will emerge a new being – the idessic being.

As long as human perception remains in the mental body – and even in the spiritual body – a person cannot imagine what lies beyond her old, limited world of illusion. She cannot understand Personocratia’s path, which is both radical (it goes to the root) and integral (it aims at a complete transformation). All she can do is reproduce the past and, at best, try to improve it.

On the contrary, Personocratia stops reproduction and aims at a new creation. She comes to a full STOP and makes a 180o turn away from mere evolution. She cuts her bonds with the past, drops her physical habits, vital desires, mental beliefs, and follows an unknown path. It leads to the full manifestation of who she really is: an omnipotent idessic being without fear or ego.