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The Raison d’être of Personocratia’s site

It is a different site, describing a different reality, created with a different consciousness – different from everything you have known, read or heard about.

This site talks about the transformation of human beings and their mutation into another post-animal kingdom. It celebrates the passage from a reproductive human being to a creative idessic being. It announces the end of unconscious democracy and the beginning of conscious personocracy.

While you read this site,

[star_list]• If you keep repeating the same old songs, such as “it sounds like” or “it makes me think of”, or[/star_list]
• If you hope to find the recipe for a “better world” with more “social justice”, or
• If you attempt to place Personocratia in a box labelled religion, spirituality, tradition, college, order, cult, secret society, fraternity, organisation, corporation, association, etc.,

If so, then you are totally missing the point! It means that your mental filter is blocking the new information coming in from the truth-consciousness and is attempting once again to bring you back into the old world of illusion.

Personocratia does the opposite. She comes to a full STOP and makes a 180° turn away from all that she has been doing for the past millennia, all the things that lock her into fear, war, inequality, inequity, disease, aging, and death.

So, this is an invitation to visit this site with your whole body, not trying to understand with your head or invent makeshift explanations. Let your cells vibrate since they are masters of truth. They know. In a while, you will filter out what does not fit the truth of your present moment – the only useful one for you.