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Who Am I?

I am told that I am a human being. The word « being » identifies the creative spirit and « human » (humus, soil) represents created matter. Thus, I am both the supreme creatrix of the whole universe and its creature. This is who I really am.

As I dived into unconscious matter, I forgot who I was. A mischievous “god of illusion” decided to take advantage of the situation by stealing my sovereign power. He convinced me that I was a poor, powerless creature in need of security and protection.

He established an elaborate hierarchy. From its summit, he reigns over Earth through the efforts of his visible and invisible representatives. At the base of this pyramid, human slaves live in permanent fear of this illusory Big Boss, whom they call God, Allah, Yahweh, Satan, Lucifer, Nature, Fate, or Science. Once, I too believed in him. This time is now over. I have chosen Personocratia’s path.

Personocratia remembers who she is and acts accordingly. Gradually, as she discovers the truth-consciousness, the old world of illusion collapses, along with its false god. The supreme being inherent to each human being can finally emerge into the open.

Personocratia represents this transformed human being as a disk. Its three bodies (physical, vital, mental) vibrate in total harmony under the governance of the soul and the reign of spirit.

All personocratias are linked together through the consciousness of a single spirit. This is called the communion of spirit.

Personocratia adapts her name and vocabulary to this new consciousness.

The word “Personocratia” means the power to govern (-cratia) of the sovereign person (persono-).

Personocratia refers to each person – you and me – who remembers that she is Idessa★ and behaves as such in daily life.

Personocratia represents a consciousness with two indispensible and interdependent aspects: vision and action. She sees things differently and acts accordingly.

★  Idessa: The combination of “I” (the human being), “-dess” (suffix of “goddess”) and “-a” (feminising suffix). This is the name Personocratia uses for the supreme being inherent to all that exists. Beyond the illusory separation of spirit and matter, Idessa is both creative spirit and created matter simultaneously. Consequently, every person is the creatrix of the universe, whether she is aware of it or not. Personocratia knows this and expresses it in her actions.

As for the word “idessity”, it defines the next, post-animal kingdom towards which humanity is evolving. Idessity will become manifest when the government of consciousness will have replaced the government of intelligence.