The Vaccinal Joke

By Tuesday February 11th, 2020 March 31st, 2020 en

Oh no, not another epidemic! And Made in China, this time!

I feel like I’ll have to speak up again, one more time, on this subject which always end up in the creation of a new vaccine which will come out of a surprise box. Quick ! Quick ! Quick !

Let me be sincere. I’m fed up of repeating the same thing since The Medical Mafia came out 25 years ago. I’m tired of warning people against the manufacturers of epidemics and the manufacturers of vaccines. The same two mobsters. But their media progaganda and political endorsement have quickly convinced the mass of scared sheep that we are of the merit of their deadly cocktail. Because, in truth : no fear, no epidemic, no vaccine and unlimited health for all!

While I was questioning myself on the pertinence of commenting on this new epidemic, I remembered that I had made a web capsule entitled The Vaccinal Joke two years ago. Unfortunately, it is still relevant today and I don’t know what I could add to it. The nasty microbes, Pasteur the benefactor, the protective vaccines, and all the fear that feeds it, I simply cannot believe any of it. It’s a joke as big as Santa Claus! It’s The Vaccinal Joke.

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